DefenceInspector checks the security of your Windows computer


  1. Following your link to checkout Defense inspector and then trying to download it Zone Alarm flags (Red banner) this a known site that distributes malware. Whn I try to right click and download I am told cannot do so

  2. Hi ErnieK,

    Thank you for your inputs. My NOD32 did not give out any warnings when I ran it. The publishers have some known names associated with like for instance Corrine, a Security MVP and who is associated with TWC forums too. You may check more about them here:

    Meanwhile I am sure the company will get back on this ZA issue.

  3. Dear ErnieK,

    We have not been made aware of any problems with ZA/Checkpoint until now So thank you for highlighting it. I shall contact them a.s.a.p. It will be then for them to fix it in their time.

    I can assure you we do not distribute malware. Also, DefenceInsector.exe could well be flagged as a F/P as we have only released it. I shall contact all possible AV Companies to avoid this.

    Kind Regards,

    Andrew Kleijn – Owner and CEO

  4. ErnieK, Out of curiosity what version ZA are you running? I plan to test this and see what I get.

    You can contact me further by e-mail if you wish.

    Andrew Kleijn – Owner and CEO

  5. Andrew I will send detail via your e-mail link. But to keep things going forward until I have the time to do so it is the full (paid) version – I won a years subscription here on TWC a few months ago). It is updated automatically daily and is the latest version available but will check the actual product version later.

  6. The ZA problem is being taken care of via e-mail.

    If anyone has any questions or bug about DefenceInspector. Please report.

    Also, DI should only be downloaded from We’ve requested it be removed from hosting sites after they have mirrored without permission.


  7. for some reason it sounds like a antivirus rogue! I am NOT saying it is. It’s just its name….

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