Decrap My Computer – Bloatware & Crapware Remover

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  1. This utility is crapware. It installs several programs… along with a toolbar. Surprise! I had to restore an image to ensure I completely got rid of this program(s). This site should not be pushing this crap.

  2. It installed SweetIM, Sweet(something else), can’t remember exactly… plus SuperSaver. Whatever that is? And it installed a toolbar on Firefox and IE. Uninstalling this program left the others in place. I had to remove them one by one. Also one had a captcha feature I had to fill in order to be allowed to remove that program. Wow, never seen that before.

  3. I have to agree with Anand, I tested in my machine and it didn’t install any toolbar. You can check the reviews in other websites as well, there is no mention of any other software getting installed with Decarp. We only review clean softwares.

  4. I downloaded this program again from the same link (above) as I did a few days ago. The first thing I noticed was the ‘Decrap my Computer’ program installation executable file name. Today I downloaded “Decrap_Setup.exe”. The other day the downloaded file name was less program specific; something like ‘prog_setup.exe’.

    I don’t know what happened with the first download the other day. To give your site a fair shot, a site I have had long bookmarked and trust, I wanted to download and install this utility. With my installation of the “Decrap my Computer” program today, it installed and ran as described without a problem.

  5. I luv this software. It’s so easy! I have installed this to all my relatives computers, because I’m the one who need to fix these (well, fixing is not hard in their case) 😀 It works very well. Next time when I buy a new laptop, I dont have to sit hours by computer clicking “remove” “remove” “uninstall” “remove” .. Argh 😀 Recommemded!

  6. I downloaded this program because my 9 month old laptop is so slow and sluggish. However, I am nervous about getting rid of un needed stuff. If I get rid of stuff are they permentantly deleted?

  7. Hi Anand,
    I have
    I am too nervous to delete anything, I will take it to a friend who knows what they are doing. Thanks for your help though 🙂

  8. Do not delete the startups. It better and safer to disable them. You can always enable them back, if you feel you need to do it. Yes – its bets to consult a friend on this. All the best. 🙂

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