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When you buy a new Laptop or Desktop it comes with a lot of pre-installed software which may or may not be required by you. These are commonly known as bloatware or crapware. Most of the time bloatware can cause your computer to run slow or sluggish which can be really annoying specially when it’s a new computer. People end up saying Windows is slow, when it is actually this crapware which slows down Windows.

I remember when I got my Samsung Laptop it took me few days to completely remove all the bloatware and cleanup and bring it to just Windows preinstalled application. One of my client approached me and asked me if there is an easy  way to remove those bloatware. That got me thinking and started researching for some free crapware removal tools and found out this great little newly-launched software called Decrap My Computer. Decrap is a lightweight, standalone program for performing  unattended uninstallation of software. The program has been especially designed for easy removal of the pre-installed crapware which comes with new PC’s.

Crapware Remover

So before I decided to recommend Decrap, I decided to test  it out first. The installation is pretty straight forward, but at the end of the installation this freeware started to connect to some website – so I decided to use the Resource Monitor to check out where it was connecting. I found out that it had connected to which makes JV16 Power Tools Lite. It looked like Decrap was downloading some language packages.


Once the download was complete, the install is completed, and the application starts scanning installed applications & bloatware.

Decrap My Computer

The application is designed to look for crapware which is installed on some popular companies like:

  1. Asus Bloatware. ASUS Tutor, ASUS LifeFrame3, ASUS WebStorage and ASUSVibe.
  2. HP Crapware. HP Customer Service enhancements, HP Update, HP Total Care Setup and ProtectSmart.
  3. Dell Bloatware. Dell Stage, Dell Digital Delivery and Dell DataSafe, just to mention a few examples.
  4. Toshiba Bloatware. Toshiba Disc Creator, Toshiba ReelTime, Service Station, Bulletin Board and Toshiba Assist.

All these can be easily uninstalled with Decrap my Computer.


Once it’s scan all the files it will give you two choices: Fully automatic mode, means that the application will automatically decide which application to remove. But I will not recommend this because no matter how intelligent the software is it’s not recommend to let the program decide what to do without users input. So leave the option unchecked, select Manual and click next to see the list of applications installed.


From the list, you can decided which one can stay and which one to remove. Once you’re done click Next and proceed. Remember not to select any Windows-based software. If you are not sure, then Bing for it to find out. Once you click Next, the application will prompt you to create a System Restore point. So be sure to select the option as I will not recommend you to continue further without creating one.


Finally, you have the Registry Cleaning option to clean residual registry entries. JV16 is a popular Windows optimizer, and I suppose they are using the same registry cleaner – so I suppose it must be safe. But I never trust registry cleaners, so if I were you I would not choose this option. But again it’s depends on the user.

Once you click Next it will start removing the application and reboot the system when done.

Decrap free download

You can download the application from hereI would love to know your experience with this application. Do share you’re opinion with us under the comments section.

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  1. biohasm

    This utility is crapware. It installs several programs… along with a toolbar. Surprise! I had to restore an image to ensure I completely got rid of this program(s). This site should not be pushing this crap.

  2. I have to disagree. It does not install any other program/s. It downloads language packs required by it. 🙂

  3. biohasm

    It installed SweetIM, Sweet(something else), can’t remember exactly… plus SuperSaver. Whatever that is? And it installed a toolbar on Firefox and IE. Uninstalling this program left the others in place. I had to remove them one by one. Also one had a captcha feature I had to fill in order to be allowed to remove that program. Wow, never seen that before.

  4. That’s strange! I used this link which has been mentioned in its home page, and my install was completely clean.

  5. I have to agree with Anand, I tested in my machine and it didn’t install any toolbar. You can check the reviews in other websites as well, there is no mention of any other software getting installed with Decarp. We only review clean softwares.

  6. biohasm

    I downloaded this program again from the same link (above) as I did a few days ago. The first thing I noticed was the ‘Decrap my Computer’ program installation executable file name. Today I downloaded “Decrap_Setup.exe”. The other day the downloaded file name was less program specific; something like ‘prog_setup.exe’.

    I don’t know what happened with the first download the other day. To give your site a fair shot, a site I have had long bookmarked and trust, I wanted to download and install this utility. With my installation of the “Decrap my Computer” program today, it installed and ran as described without a problem.

  7. I’m glad you got it work. We appreciate your trust in our website. I hope we can live up to it in all our coming posts.

  8. Synsun

    I luv this software. It’s so easy! I have installed this to all my relatives computers, because I’m the one who need to fix these (well, fixing is not hard in their case) 😀 It works very well. Next time when I buy a new laptop, I dont have to sit hours by computer clicking “remove” “remove” “uninstall” “remove” .. Argh 😀 Recommemded!

  9. suddenbeauty

    I downloaded this program because my 9 month old laptop is so slow and sluggish. However, I am nervous about getting rid of un needed stuff. If I get rid of stuff are they permentantly deleted?

  10. Run it, but use your discretion whether or not you should remove it. If in doubt – Don’t. Uninstalling a program would permanently remove the program. If you find your laptop slow, you could disable some startup entries. That would help. Check

  11. suddenbeauty

    Hi Anand,
    I have
    I am too nervous to delete anything, I will take it to a friend who knows what they are doing. Thanks for your help though 🙂

  12. Do not delete the startups. It better and safer to disable them. You can always enable them back, if you feel you need to do it. Yes – its bets to consult a friend on this. All the best. 🙂

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