DBC Windows 8 Task Manager for Windows 7

When compared, Windows 8 excels Windows 7 with many advanced features and new range of applications. Whether it is the faster startup, better security or Skydrive integration, Windows 8 is indeed superior. One of the improvements that you will come across in Windows 8 is the revamped and powerful Task Manager. The Windows 8 Task Manager has a lot more useful features and options that provide users more information about processes and systems. If you are a Windows 7 user, and want to use the Windows 8 Task Manager in Windows 7, try the DBCTaskman.

Windows 8 Task Manager for Windows 7

DBCTaskman is a Task Manager that is similar to Windows 8 Task Manager and runs on Windows 7.

DBC Task Manager

DBCTaskman has a total of 5 tabs:

DBC Task Manager

1 . Processes: This function displays information on running applications, background processes, and their consumption of CPU, memory, disk and network. The display here is much cleaner and a detailed one. It is always recommended to click on the more details link to make the Task Manager more useful with detailed interface.

Windows 8 Task Manager for Windows 7

We found a small hitch here, that when you try to kill a process, normally what you would do is to select that process and click ‘End Task’ – however you will be little disappointed to observe that nothing really happens. Also tabs such as “Switch To” and “New Task’ are not present here, but you can certainly create a new task. These small shortcomings could be due to the fact that DBCTaskman is still under work in progress so there are chances that these will be eliminated once the developers complete the application.

2. Performance: From this tab, you can view the CPU usage, Memory usage, Disk space and Ethernet speed in graphical format.

DBC Task Manager


3. Users: This tab gives detailed information on the resources consumed by different users on a shared PC.

4. Details: This tab provides image type, process ID, status, User name and description. Here you get the option to end processes and at the same time set priorities and affinity.

5. Services: This tab shows all the services running on the system providing information like their ID, description, status, startup type and Group.

Features missing in DBC Task Manager

Readers may note that not all functionality of Windows 8 Task Manager is included in DBCTaskman. Some missing functions that you may come across are.

  • You cannot restart Windows Explorer by right clicking on it and clicking Restart option.
  • App history tab is not included in DBCTaskman Task Manager
  • Start-up manager tab is not present in DBCTaskman Task Manager

Though it does appear that DBCTaskman has some catching up to do before it reaches to the level of Windows 8 Task Manager, it is still a very handy tool to use. The best part about DBC Task Manager is that it is portable hence it doesn’t ask for any installation. You can store and launch it even from a USB device. So to sum up, this is a great application that you should definitely give a try.

DBCTaskMan free download

Download DBCTaskMan from Neowin here. Users are requested to note that since the DBC Task Manager is still work in progress you might experience issues with a few functions at times.

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