Create Drive Clones, Recover Data with DataNumen Disk Image

DataNumen Disk Image shot for DDKI, is a free disk utility application for Windows, that can be used to create clones of hard disk drives. It can repair corrupt IMG files and Self Extracting files(SFX). Since it clones the raw data of the disk or drive, byte by byte, it can be useful for data recovery and forensics too.

DataNumen Disk Image

DataNumen Disk Image

This free tool can recover your data in IMG archives, so to minimize the loss in file corruption cases. The software creates a clone or replica of raw data of disk or drive by performing byte by byte operation. DataNumen Disk Image clone files and moves those files from one computer to another, and also adds a layer of safety to the process of recovering drives that have bad sectors.

We have seen that as hard drives get older, they develop bad sectors. This could potentially lead to hard disk failure leading to loss of valuable data. In case of data failure we try to recover those files, but this is not always a completely successful job, as we create additional problem by writing new files on all sectors, including those bad sectors. This makes thing complicated, as it could overwrite the original (deleted or corrupted) files that we want to recover.

DataNumen Disk Image creates a clone of those corrupt files and move the clone to another computer. In the process of recovering data from corrupt drives, if additional damage to those files are made, there will be no harm, as users can restart the process of cloning from the original drive instantly.

Forensic professionals can create a copy of the entire drive which works perfectly with the second computer. DataNumen Disk Image makes work more convenient by them to examine the data on their preferred devices.

DataNumen Disk Image works well with DataNumen Outlook Repair to recover files from second computer. The software looks for raw data in the clone by performing byte by byte search and writing those recovered files on the second computer’s drive.

Features of DataNumen Disk Images:

  • It clones multiple disks and drives at once i.e. by performing a batch operation.
  • Supports different kind of disk and drive formats.
  • Runs perfectly on Windows 8.1/8/7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, 95 and Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 Operating System.
  • The disk utility can be best used for computer forensic and e-discovery task.
  • Offers ability to replace damaged bad sectors with specified data files.

DataNumen Disk Image is a freeware and it can be downloaded from here.

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  1. Lojix Net

    I’ll test this out. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Bob Waterfield

    Can I explore the image after it is created, or restore just a single directory?

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