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How to effectively use Data Sense on Windows Phone

Data Sense is an in-built app present on Windows Phone to monitor the amount of data you consume on on the device. Because of limited data plans by mobile operators and costlier data charges, there is a need for a consumers to keep a track of their data consumption and bar data usage when it crosses a particular limit.  Data Sense for Windows Phone has present since Windows Phone 8 Amber update and it has gained significant improvements and changes in Windows Phone 8.1 . – but not many know how to make the best use of this feature. With Data Sense, you can view the complete breakdown of data consumption by different apps on your phone – this helps you in knowing the data usage pattern of your apps on phone.

Set up Data Sense on Windows Phone

Setting up Data Sense on your Windows Phone is pretty easy.  If you are using a mobile data plan and are still not using any kind of data tracker, then we recommend you to start using Data Sense application.

Head over to App list on your phone and open the Data Sense application

If you are configuring Data Sense for the first time, the ‘Set Limit’ option would be present right under the overview section, otherwise under app settings . Click on the  ‘Set Limit’  where you can specify the limit type – Prepaid, Monthly or Unlimited.

Conserving data with Data Sense

Restrict background data automatically

There are many good apps and phone features which are designed to automatically fetch details behind the scenes. In-built apps like people hub, email and calendar work in background to keep the content fresh on your phone by synchronising periodically.  With Data Sense, one could  limit this kind of background activity. You can manually restrict background data activity:

Click on the settings icon, turn on Restrict background data On icon, then choose one among the following:

Reduce data use when browsing the web

Data Sense can also helps you in compressing the web pages and blocking some ads to reduce overall data usage when you’re browsing.

Under browser data settings, choose one of the following

You also get timely alerts from Data Sense app when you are about to hit the data limit.  On Internet Explorer you can see Data Sense icon when your webpages are being compressed and blocking ads in the data saving mode.

Additional tip:

You can pin the Data Sense app on to your Start Screen so that you can monitor your data consumption right from your start screen. The remaining data balance according to your configuration would be displayed on the tile.