Data Selfie Chrome extension shows you how you use Facebook

Ever wondered how Facebook knows that you want to buy a house, or a shoe or anything else? Facebook shows you the advertisements based on your interests and according to the posts/pages you like. Like almost every other social networking websites, Facebook too tracks all your activities, interests and behaviors so as to serve you with the Targeted campaigns.

If you want to check what all Facebook is tracking, try using a Chrome extension called Data Selfie. Data Selfie is an open source browser extension which tracks all your activities on Facebook and then shows you the detailed data traces.

Data Selfie Chrome extensionData Selfie

Data Selfie analyzes all your Facebook activities using the machine learning algorithms. It shows how the machine learning algorithms get insights about your personality using your online behavior and interests. While the data revealed by Data Selfie is not accurate, this rough and approximate report is generated on the basis of everything you type or click on Facebook.

How to use Data Selfie

The Chrome extension takes no time to download and install on your web browser. However, you won’t get to see the data immediately after installing the extension. Browse Facebook for some time and check it again. 

Click on the Data Selfie icon sitting on your browser and select Your Data Selfie, the program will then display the entire report including the pages you’ve visited, posts and pages you’ve Liked, time spent on Friend’s posts, etc. It also shows how long you have been online for. In short Data Selfie shows everything you looked, liked, clicked or typed on Facebook.

You can also export your data – the file downloads in .json format which stands for JavaScript Object Notification. These files are quite similar to files that use the XML file format. You can open the json files with WinRAR, Microsoft Web Platform Extensions, Edge Code CC, Notepad++, and Oxygen XML Editor.

You can also Delete your data if you want.

The program says that they don’t store your data or share it with any third-party application. The entire data is just for your eyes only. It is just for helping you to see how Facebook tracks your data. You can at any point in time, delete your entire data if you want.

Download the Data Selfie Chrome extension here and learn how Facebook tracks your online activity using the machine algorithm and interprets your personality.

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