What caused the Data Loss problem for those who installed Windows 10 v1809


  1. After installing 17763.55 to HP ELiteDesk 800 G3 1809 -> blue screen. WDF_VIOLATION.

    And according to here this happens on (all?) HP desktops…


    I contacted MS support about this and this is what they said:

    Agent: Actually HP computers are not the only product affected for this issue other computers as well like DELL etc. That’s why for now, we’ve temporarily paused the update for people who seek to check for updates, to investigate an isolated reported issue and will make it available for download again once ready.

    Me: Ok, so this is known issue for 17763.55 cumulative update?

    Agent: That’s correct and other issue has been reported as well but our higher level of support already working on it.

  2. “If you lost your data files, you can try and recover those files.” This is not needed. All users files and folders are in the Windows.old folder after the upgrade. This happens after every major Windows Update. All KFR and usual locations are copied with all of the other Windows files to the Windows.old folder which is a backup in case you need to restore the previous version you had before the update.

  3. This problem was due to the Intel chipset. The issue has now been fixed and being tested in insider builds and the full release should be imminent. All other reported issues with the last 1809 update, such as missing files and folders has also been fixed.

  4. In recovery screen
    See Advanced recovery options -> troubleshoot -> command prompt
    Command : ren C:WindowsSystem32driversHpqKbFiltr.sys HpqKbFiltr.sys_old

    some tips:
    – re check if you are on the correct drive.
    For example my prompt start default in X:windowssystem32
    In this folder there is also a folder called “drivers” but doesn’t contain the file hpqkbfiltr.sys
    c: (without ) and after that
    cd c:windowssystem32drivers
    dir /p
    than i can find the file HpqKbFiltr.sys

    next run the command
    ren HpqKbFiltr.sys HpqKbFiltr.sys_old

    – last tip: the folder “Driver” with uppercase D does not exist.
    a folder drivers with lowercase d does exist.

    hopefully this could be helpful.

  5. One funny thing that got my attention from that user’s comment in the article: “I’m switching to MAC and ditching everything PC related”
    Isn’t a MAC technically considered a Personal Computer?

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