Customize Windows 8 Charms Bar with My WCP CharmBar Customizer

It has been few days since Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released, and everyone is pretty excited to explore its new options and customize and tweak the operating system. Well, I was trying to find a way to customize the Charms Bar in Windows 8, when  I came across an application called My WCP CharmBar Customizer developed by a French site.


My WCP CharmBar Customizer is a pretty neat application which let you customize the Charms Bar icons. There are three separate set of icons Default, Hover (light) and Hover (Dark). It will let you select the icon you want – just make sure it’s 86 x 86 pxl.  The application is pretty much self explanatory and easy-to-use. You can change the background color, disable the Charms Hint, disable Over Wash, etc.

The best feature of the program is the ability to edit the actual program UI file. To do so, under Advanced click on “Edit UI File”.


This is how the app looked after I had customized its user interface.


If you want to disable the Charms Bar completely then just empty the UI file; but it is NOT recommended. There is also an option to Restore settings to default values.

One important note! Do make a backup of your system or create a System Restore point before making any changes.

Home page (Translated Page). Update: The download link has been changed to Softpedia.

Hope you find this useful!

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  1. beppe9000

    the program’s page is dead

  2. Thanks for bringing this up. The link has been changed. 🙂

  3. beppe9000

    Uh, okay!

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