Customize Windows 7 with WindowBlinds 7


  1. I have installed WindowBlinds on my Windows XP Desktop PC, its the greatest Skin- i ever seen, simple and easy to use. The Skins available on / deviantArt are awesome. So, if i have luck and win a license for WindowBlinds 7, i would like to skin my Notebook with Windows 7 Prof.

    Great Giveaway…Greetings from Germany.

    Greetz Rene

  2. I am seeing this software for a long time but cannot afford to purchase it. Have been using free softwares of stardock to customise desktop. But Would love to have this software which will give a lot more features.
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  3. I had used Windows Blinds (v5) on Windows XP (previous OS) to make it look like Windows Vista. It works like charm and easy to use. Various theme packs are available freely. In Windows 7, it will be amazing to see customized aero and other GUI elements.
    Nice giveaway. Count me in.

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    thank you very much for the informative article twc, to be honest i have seldomly tried much of these programs, however i’d be interested in trying this for my windows7 desktop, some months ago i was looking to customize my pc and found out very quickly there was need for fixes,patches and god knows, i’ve never felt very comfortable with that, i know about stardock, they have a good rep and have been around for a long time.

  5. Thanks Spencer Scott for the giveaway!!!
    Thanks for the info on windowblinds and the giveaway. After some browsing, I found out that windowblinds has a huge amount of skin downloadable from The feature provided by this skin is also cover a wide range that was not covered by any other skinning app and windows itself. I love to customize windows with rainmeter and windows theme because I’m afraid that other app might cost too much resource just for eye candy explorer but if windowblinds claim to natively support windows 7 and virtually cost no resource, then I’m all good to go for it ^^.
    Would really love to win a license for this great customizing app.

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  6. I currently have windowblinds 6.4 in xp and vista. I’ve known stardock’s products for last 3-4 years. Since its launch I’ve always wanted to have it, its awesome, plus, it supports 7!!!

  7. Once again a very good give-away. BUT like some of these fantastic “free give-away” programs I, and a lot of folks like myself, am banned from entering the chance of receiving this. Why? Because I do not go anyplace near to these so called social networking sites. I have never felt the need to connect to “friends” that I have never met, nor ever will meet. I do correspond with some folks via on-line forums, but these are folks that help each other with specific PC related problems.

    So keep up the good work TWC and even though I (we who steer clear of facebook etc) are discriminated against I still think that you are in the top 10 of must see daily sites. I also realise that you have no control over the requirement\stipulations for entering the draws.

  8. I love this WindowBLINDS!!! Awesome. First thing that I do is –> DOWNLOAD n have a goal.
    I have use it before but no chance to continue. You know, 30 DAYS trials n that’s it. Ha Ha.

    The NEW look with WindowBlinds is truly goregous especially now, it is “carefully developed to have native support for Windows 7. It also introduces Aero skinning” Wow!!!

    Well, Thanks TWC for this giveaway. Appreciated
    Thanks too Spencer Scott, Microsoft MVP 🙂


  9. simplemente windows 7 es encantador y eficiente ! no deja de sorprender ! microsoft hizo un buen trabajo

  10. Used trial ware WB and liked it much. A reg’d version would be the cat’s meow. Count me in the draw please. Thanks.

  11. Used trial ware WB and liked it much. A reg’d version would be the cat’s meow. Count me in the draw please. Thanks.

  12. This is the most wonderful offer I have ever seen. thank you very much. I hope to win it because this software is really great

  13. Awesome article!
    I began using WindowBlinds almost 3 years ago. I’ve used it on XP, Vista, and now Windows 7. I’ll never go back to the default look again!

    Before I discovered WindowBlinds, I had always wanted to customize my windows more, but all I could do natively in XP was change the color from blue to silver.

    Windows without a WB skin applied are like naked Windows! 😉

  14. I would like to have one license of windowblind . Its best tool for decorating ur pc , add and install customised themes according to ur mood , impressed with windowblinds demo, latest version dont hog up ur system resources. Following u as @pantherchd on twitter as well as via email feeds . I twitted this among my followers Hope i win , Thanks in advance.

  15. Thank you Spencer Scott for the article about WindowsBlinds. I am a WindowsBlinds 7 demo user, and loved the customization it offers very much. It will be simply awesome if I win a free license of it.

    Thanks for the sweet giveaway offer.. 🙂

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    Thanks again… Fingers crossed for the results! I hope I win.

  16. TWC,
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Please enter me in the contest.
    I’ve used windowblinds, but not in several years. I remember it fondly. It was fun to change the look of my computer to match my mood. There were lots of customized themes available online, including some websites devoted to themes. I’d like to give it another try.

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  17. Many thanks for this giveaway, dont have acounts to share this great news, also never owned any desktop customization soft LOOKING FORWARD for this contest.

  18. WindowBlinds is definitely the best desktop customization software available till date. The Review has been informative and enjoyable.

    1.The Aero support (UISO) in WB has proved itself to have implemented better programming skills than Microsoft itself as the later lacks this feature where WB can apply it(as in XP or Non Aero supported Vista).

    2.Unlike any other shell customization tweaks where either the user has to do all the cumbersome things of replacing and patching by himself and also the tweak ultimately leaves the system and registry affected; this piece of software does it all in a very appealing UI and too leaves the system as it was on exiting the program.

    3.Customization is not program limited. You can add hundreds of eye candy effects available from the sites mentioned in the review. In addition users imagination is the limit in customizing the UI of Windows. Make it look like OS-X, Ubuntu, Kubuntu or like those in sci-fi movies !

    CONS (Very Negligible to Mention)
    1.The Logo of the program has remained the same from the beginning perhaps. They should change the logo to a more glossy eye candy one so that when it displays in the taskbar area it matches the high quality customization you have made.

    The Best Windows Shell Customization Software in the Planet. 10/10

    Thank you for your review of the software. I have twitted the post at the following link:
    Longing for the GiveAway

    Long Live The Windows Club


    Mr. Navodaya Bakwas

  19. Oh! Please could me in too. Thanks for the chance to win it, and I’ve tweeted you. Also am following you on there. Hugs Silk40dd

    Customize Windows 7 desktop with WindowBlinds 7 | The Windows Club: via @addthis

  20. Hi, thank you for this opportunity to win a copy of Windowsblinds.

    I need this program for my daughter, who is severely light sensitive. The computer screen is difficult for her. The accessibility options built in to windows are not much help for photo-sensitivity.
    With Windowsblinds you can change just about everything, including (in some of the skins) the horrible bright white everything so many programmers think is an absolute necessity.

    I was looking at the skins on the wincustomize site, and many of them seem comfortably dark, but still visible, so my daughter would find this program very helpful.

    Thank you again for this opportunity 🙂

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  21. Thank you for the opportunity to win WindowsBlinds. My Wife is using an older version of WindowBlinds and loves it. She wouldn’t be without it. But of course it is not compatible with my Windows 7.

    I would love to have it for Windows 7.
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    Thanks again


  22. Hi,
    Nice Review. Windows blinds is a fine software indeed. As I always like to customize windows this is a valuable addition. Please count me in this great giveaway.

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  23. Window Blinds is definitely a great software for windows customization. Their programing skills are to be appreciated as no other software has reached up to there level. Though there are softwares to cusomize the look and behaviour of windows such as Winstep Nexus and Extreme, Talisman Desktop, and small shell tweaks available at but those are not user friendly. You have to be a real programming geek to customize them and moreover use of shell modifications may not be kind to your system and you may end up with a system crash. However the fact with WindowBlinds is just the opposite. Highly user friendly; anyone can setup and customize it, beautiful user interface and system friendly.
    I had used the trial version for thirty days and fell in love with it. Now if the Almighty wants I will be get a copy of the software. Thank you TheWindowsClub for the giveaway scheme.

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    Thank You TheWindowsClub

  24. I love windowblinds but never been able to buy it…the poor loser that i am..i rely on free programs on my computer …so i really hope i get picked….

  25. Dear Editor(TheWindowsClub),

    WindowBlinds is a Dream come true for a customization freak like me. I have used the trial version of version 7 & I will love to receive a giveaway copy of the software. I am a great fan of TheWindowsClub and am a regular reader here. I find quality articles here.
    What I like the best about WindowBlinds is its futuristic user interface and ease of usability.

    Please enter me into the Draw. Thank you TheWindowsClub for providing such good Articles and GiveAways.

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    Thank You TheWindowsClub

  26. windows Blinds is the best ever program ive used to change the look of windows 7 and now it looks mucg better i wouldnt change back from windows blind for any other program



  27. hey!! yo quiero ganar uno
    please.. .n.n
    se ve muy bien la apariencia en win 7
    ojala me eligan..saludos windows club desde colombia
    Customize Windows 7 desktop with WindowBlinds 7 | The Windows Club: via @addthis

  28. Thanks so much for the all the comments! The three random winners I selected were:


    You will need to create an account and download Impulse, which is the digital distribution manager Stardock uses. I will be contacting you soon!

  29. Matthew, Photography & Rene – I have forwarded your email id’s to Spencer. You should be getting the licenses within a week.

    Thank you Spencer, and Stardock for a great giveaway 🙂

  30. I am very Grateful to TheWindowsClub for this Great Giveaway. Thank You Spencer and Team Stardock. I am not able to express my excitement winning a giveaway copy of WindowBlinds. I am a hardcore customization geek. I have mentioned a few “not very good” softwares for customization in my post. One more thing I want to share with my co-TWC readers. Do give Rainmeter a try. It has a very rapidly growing community and a lot of add ons to make your desktop look like one from those sci-fi novels. Search deviant art for more Rainmeter customization in addition to the sources given in the site. I would like TheWindowsClub to bring out another article regarding the latest version of Rainmeter. It will surely be helpful to the Readers.

    Thanking TheWindowsClub Forever.

  31. i love this program but i cant afford to pay for it after the 30 days as i have 3 kids and im on state benefits and i know i aint got no chance of winning a copy of windows blinds wish i could find a site where i can get it free lol im wishing now aint i lol thanks anyway

  32. Loved the program for XP & used it a lot then, now got Win7 & havent had time to play around with it, but if its as good as its predecessor then it’ll be one program to look out for…

    Also TheWindowsClub thank you for all the tips & programs that you’ve made available for us, a lot of these tweaks and programs are so usefull, that i’ve posted info about them on my own forum..


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  33. I have windowblinds on my other computer.I saved for many months to have the entire program and hope to win a free copy so I can use the money for another copy for a close beautiful friend.
    Thanks for this rare opportunity to use such a tremendous addition to a dull-looking computer desktop.