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Microsoft #TileArt Windows Phone app lets you customize Tiles and Lock Screen

The start screen and tiles are what that distinguishes Windows Phone from devices running Android or iOS. We have come across Live Lock Screen app by Microsoft which provides an animation effect while unlocking the phone, and now to add more power for users who love customizing their phones Microsoft Mobile has exclusively released an application called #TileArt – that one app which offers you all the great tools to make your smartphone look more beautiful.

#TileArt app  for Windows Phone

Customize Tiles and Lock Screen of Windows Phone

#TileArt is a Microsoft made application which is now available for download on Windows Phone store. As the name indicates the app helps you create your own “Art” using start screen tiles. Interesting to see the name of the app starting with the symbol ‘#’, every Windows Phone user knows the significance of ‘#’ which appears first on their app list. The application size is 6 Mb and it is available for all range of devices running Windows Phone 8.1 OS irrespective of their device RAM size.

As you launch, the application welcomes you with these 3 options

Create Tile Art

Choose this option and follow the on-screen instructions where it asks you to pick an image. Once you pick an image from phone or gallery, the image gets overlayed on top of set of tiles, you can point your finger and adjust the position of image to your wish. Once you are done, choose individual tile where you can resize and pin the tile to your start screen. You can also choose between the 2-column or 3-column layout, the tile gets prepared accordingly.   Windows Phone 8.1 update has an ability to set background images for tiles, so take advantage of this and design your tiles accordingly.

Note:  Pinning all the tiles at once is not possible. You will have to pin the tile one at a time, clicking on back brings you back to the app, from where you can choose the next tile to pin.

Customize Lock screen

By choosing this option you could set a really nice artistic image for your lock screen. Microsoft has listed some pretty good collection of photos in its “Tile Gallery” page. Pick one from this gallery or from phone and adjust the position of image leaving enough space for digital clock display. Once done, the app prompts if you want to set the created image as lock screen. Say “Yes” and you are done.


Sharing your created tile art or lock screen  is a good idea. Capture a screenshot and share it across your friends network to show them how good your phone looks like.

Watch the video:

Download #TileApp from Windows Phone store or use the below QR Code.