Curious to know when support for your Windows 7, Vista and XP will end?

For those of you trying to stick it out with your Windows XP & Windows Vista, it might be interesting to know when you will lose support for these Windows products. Due to popularity Windows XP support was extended, Vista reportedly from Microsoft was a major flop but is still being used by many users and Windows 7, the current version, is picking up new users everyday, so it might come in use to know how long it will be before your operating system is deemed obsolete.

I happened to be browsing some of the different news sites and came across and interesting article at ZDnet.

Windows XP extended support will end according to Microsoft on 4/8/2014

Windows Vista mainstream support will end according to Microsoft on 4/10/2012 , with extended support for Vista Business and Enterprise ending 4/11/2017 (no information on extended support for Home, Ultimate, SP1 or SP2).

Windows 7 mainstream support will end according to Microsoft on 1/13/2015 , with extended support for Windows 7 Enterprise and Professional ending 1/14/2020 (no information on extended support for Starter, Home and Ultimate).

Though listed by Microsoft dates could change as apparent with the extension of support for the popular Windows XP.

For more information on all of Microsofts Product Lifecycle spans visit the Microsoft Product Lifecycle Homepage.

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  1. I will stick to XP if i can’t upgrade my PC…
    but im eager to use Windows 7 Completely (single OS, no dual boot) if i have a faster pc rig…
    but for now, i have low end P4 1.5Ghz 768MB ram, so, i think XP is more productive to this setup than Windows 7. If only someone is kind hearted to donate their unused Motherboard and 2GB+ processor & 2GB RAM, i’ll be thankfull forever 🙂
    (I have no job and broke, can’t buy an upgrade)

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