Create your own stories with Lumia Storyteller

You love clicking snaps and sorting them in a way that’s visually engaging. Lumia Storyteller is a free application, where you create your own stories worth sharing. It groups your photos, videos in a story theme that is very engaging. Creating your journey in any storytelling manner is always great, and it gives you an awesome feeling. Lumia Storyteller is a way of expressing your own small world and making it easier to share your expedition.

Lumia Storyteller

Lumia Storyteller features

  1. Organize your photos and videos by date and location
  2. Share your stories publicly and privately
  3. Also, you can share via email or messaging
  4. It supports offline maps
  5. It selects images from your folder to create your own stories
  6. Filter the images according to various applications like Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram

Check how you can find, tell and share your story with Lumia Storyteller

Storyteller automatically groups your photos, videos and creates a customized story which you can share with others.

  1. You can group the photos into different categories like where it was taken or when it was taken. For example, you have taken some photos while you were on a vacation, it will be grouped into that particular location. You can tell the whole world by adding captions to your photos. Lumia Storyteller
  2. You can zoom out the map to see where the photos were taken. Lumia Storyteller
  3. You can set your home location and after selecting the location, it will display the timeline with photos and videos. When you select a particular photo, it will tell you the location where the photo was taken. You can also view each one of them in the map and open the photos by clicking on them.Lumia Storyteller
  4. Try Lumia Storyteller, create your own stories and publish your favorite story on You can share your stories, both publicly and privately, if you share it privately then you have to share the story url with people whom you want to see your stories. If it is shared publicly then it will be published on Storyteller

So, create your own stories, it is now easier than ever with Lumia Storyteller.  It’s a useful app to have a better view of your photos based on the date or place taken and then group according to the location.

If you have Windows 8.1 installed on your phone you can download Lumia Storyteller from Windows Store and create your own stories.

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