Create a word cloud in documents with LinguLab WordCloud

LinguLab WordCloud is a free Office extension that lets you create and embed a word cloud based upon the text of your Microsoft Word document. It is a very good and interesting way of summarizing and search engine optimizing the Word file. Creating a word cloud will give you an idea of most used phrases and keywords and can even be used for quick comprehension of your document.

LinguLab WordCloud Create a word cloud

How to install LinguLab WordCloud

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Go to Insert tab and then click ‘Apps for Office’.
  3. Click on ‘See all…’ from the dropdown.
  4. Now hit the ‘Store’ link.
  5. In the store search for ‘LinguLab WordCloud’ and then click ‘Add’.
  6. Now hit the ‘Trust It’ button and complete the login procedure.
  7. You’ve successfully installed the extension!

Create a word cloud in Word documents

Now to create a word cloud of your document, go to ‘Insert’ tab and then ‘Apps for Office’ and then select the ‘LinguLab WordCloud’ and the app would load up in the sidebar. Now select the text if you want or hit the ‘Whole Document’ button to create word cloud based on the complete document.

There are three types of clouds that you can create:

  • Centered: The most relevant keywords are given the centre position and the less used keywords are arranged around the centered keywords.
  • Random: As the name suggestions, the keywords are randomly arranged but still the most used keywords are given focus by increased size and boldness of letters.
  • Ascending: This cloud arranges the keywords in an alphabetical order and keeping the most relevant keywords focused.

Once you are done creating your cloud, click the ‘Insert’ button to place the word cloud in your document. You can even make manual changes to the cloud as it is a simple text but each word having a different font size. LinguLab WordCloud has a capability of automatically detecting the languages. The detected language is displayed in Green in the sidebar itself.

Overall it is a nice extension and believe me or not word clouds are a best way to shortly and extensively describe your document. The cloud can even let you SEO optimize your word document. You can basically get the idea how the search engine is going to take up the post.

UPDATE: Seems LinguLab has been discontinued. We could not find any link to download LinguLab WordCloud.

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