NCH CardWorks is a free business card maker software

Now that everyone has a smartphone in their pockets and continuous access to the Internet, you might wonder at the utility of Business Cards. Nevertheless, Business Cards still have their importance. With everything moving towards ‘being digital’, Business Cards is one thing which the technology won’t be able to replace anytime soon. It’s still very vital to have a business card that provides an easy way for people to connect with you. In this post, we are going to talk about NCH CardWorks, a free business card maker software, using which you can create own cool looking business cards for yourself.

NCH CardWorks – Create own Business Card

Create your own business cards using NCH CardWorks Tool

CardWorks Business Card Software is an insanely lightweight tool to create simple yet attractive business cards. With a vast range of business card templates, CardWorks enables you to effortlessly design your business card that perfectly suits your brand and image both personally and professionally. Let’s take a brief look at what it has to put on the table.

Variety of free card templates

A business card is a tiny yet powerful thing. The presentation should be eloquent enough to create an impression. Your contact and designation details need to be all clear and appealing. CardWorks has an immense store for business card templates that you can choose from, to design the card per your criteria. You can choose the template that best suits you. You can download even more from the official website of CardWorks.

Create your own business cards using NCH CardWorks Tool

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Apart from the template design, you can adjust the color scheme as well, from a wide spectrum of options available. Additionally, you can also adjust the text and image size to fill up space and make it look elegant.

Standard size support

CardWorks comes loaded with the support for all major standards and sizes for business cards. You can change the default card size as per the standards of various countries like UK, China, Japan, Australia, etc. Apart from this, you can create single-sided cards as well.

Print it readily

Once your card is designed with all the information displayed right where you want it to be, you can print your card readily or save it as a PDF for later usage. The print layout contains wisely put crop lines which help you cut the cards with the exact and desirable size.

Create your own business cards using NCH CardWorks Tool

A nice free business card maker software

NCH CardWorks tool is pretty good at doing its job. Even with a little to no understanding, you can easily put in your details and create your own business card within minutes. Templates are quite nice and impart a corporate look and feel. If you are looking for a good business card designing software, you should give it a shot.

A free version is available for non-commercial use – if you are using CardWorks business card software at home. You can download it from

UPDATE: It is nagware and so after 30 days, you will be reminded to purchase it.


But you can click on Continue to use the demo version with restricted features.

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