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How to create Hidden Administrator User Account in Windows 10

You might have observed that during Windows 10 installation set up when you complete installation Windows 10 creates two additional user accounts which are hidden by default. One is a guest account which is very limited, and the other is the administrator account. The difference between the created user account and the built-in user account is that the built-in account is an elevated account (administrator) and will not give UAC prompts.

Windows automatically generates this elevated, hidden Super Administrator account which remains hidden by default owing to security reasons. The built-in Administrator account is usually used to troubleshoot Windows and therefore should only be used during troubleshooting. Unlike the normal Administrator account, this hidden by default or built-in Administrator account runs all programs and tools with admin rights by default.

We have seen how to create a new User Account in Windows 10. Today, I will show you a way that will let you create a new hidden administrator user account on your Windows PC. It should work on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 as well as Windows Vista systems.

Create Hidden Administrator User Account in Windows

Copy-paste the following text in Notepad:

@echo off 
net user hidden yourpassword /add 
net localgroup Administrators hidden /add

Please note that in place of yourpassword, you have to enter your password. You may also replace hidden with a username of your choice.

When done, save this file as hidden.bat.

After that, open the saved file by right-clicking on it and choosing the option ‘Run as administrator’.

Instantly a command prompt window should appear on your computer screen, and your hidden administrator account will be created.

To verify the above step, open the command prompt and there type net users and press Enter.

You will find a new hidden account with complete administrator access is created in your Windows 10.

UPDATED ON 6/11/16: Some errors which had crept in have been corrected.