How To Create A Google Plus Vanity URL

Since its limited launch a few weeks ago, Google Plus has turned out to be pretty popular. It has already passed the 10 million user base and that number is increasing rapidly.

UPDATE: Google Plus now allows you to create a vanity URL within its settings itself.

One issue about Google Plus is that it doesn’t provide a vanity URL like Facebook. My profile URL looks something like this:

Now this kind of URL is not exactly very “share friendly”. This is where comes into the picture. It is a service that lets you create short URLs for your Google Plus profile.

1) To create your own URL, go to their website.


2) Enter the desired name that you wish to add to your URL under the Nick Name box. In this case, I’ve entered nithinramesh. So my URL will be

3) Now enter your original Google Plus ID in the Google+ ID box and  click add.

And that’s it!

Now you will have your very own URL that redirects to your Google Plus profile.

Your username could be at least 3 characters to at most 25 characters, should not contain numbers or special characters, and be only Latin characters and numbers. You can create a nick for individual Google+ account.

Designed by Sirzar Aytac, is a profile address shortening service for the beta version of the Google+.

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