Create animated movies with Plotagon for Windows PC

If for some reason you thought making animated movies was a difficult task, well, you’re right about that. One of the reasons for this can be due to the tool you’re using, so what if you changed your standard tool to something else, something else like Plotagon.

Now, bear in mind that Plotagon is not a software for career animators or folks who want to use it to create 100 percent original content. This program already has everything built-in, and it is just up to the user to use what Plotagon has provided to create his or her very own movie.

Create animated movies software

Create animated movies with Plotagon

The first thing users will notice is the size. This thing is over 200MB, but that’s fine considering what the program is all about the amount of content inside. Furthermore, downloading this over 200MG file wasn’t an issue. We did it with a 12MB connection in 5-minutes at around 20-feet from our Wi-Fi router.

Installation was also zippy, something we found pleasing because not every program over 200MB moves that fast during installation.

Once we got Plotagon up and running, it greeted us to a section where we must first choose our character. It is possible to choose from either male or female and different races. Click on the smiley icon and from there you can select the type of pose your character will always perform. The camera icon takes an image of your character being sassy.

Click the arrow beside “Start” to jump into designing your character’s overall look and feel. The option is there to change facial features, weight, skin color among other things. We chose to create an afro-secret agent who is also a hippie. As you can see from the image, he’s pretty rad and can take you out with his awesome karate fighting techniques, or just put you to sleep by singing and playing the guitar.

By default, the program only features one scene with two characters but is possible to change scenes and characters as your story developers into something wonderful. Plotagon also allows for the purchase of new characters and scenes. For those who are unwilling to spend cash, they can download new stuff for free as well.

Outside of the characters and scenes, the program also supports music and sounds, along with dialog and movement. These things are important when it comes down to creating a brilliant film.

To create a movie, just select the “New Movie” tab and move ahead from there It is very easy to use once you get your head around the plethora of options available.

Once your Hollywood destined movie is finished, you can now share it with family and friends or on YouTube.

Overall, we like what this Plotagon brought to the table. It doesn’t teach us how to create our own 3D characters, but that doesn’t matter when you’re just out to have some fun.

Plotagon free download

Download Plotagon from the official website for free.

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