Crackdown 3 Campaign Game Review: Disappointing & Weak Storyline

Are you looking for a game where you can keep locking on enemies, taking them down, refill and then back again to take them one after the other? Crackdown is for you. I have been playing the Campaign mode for over ten days on Xbox, and I am incredibly bored out of the same thing every day – Capturing outpost and cycling through enemies. I got hold of an explosive launcher, just kept refilling it until I took out the outpost.

Crackdown 3 Campaign Game Review

Crackdown 3 Campaign Review

Crackdown 3 has a multiplayer mode but since I had access only to Campaign, so here is the deal. Don’t buy it unless you want to get bored out of the game and start moving around the city standing on a car roof. The game is set in an open world kind of scenario and keeping in mind the price; the graphics could have been a lot better. Though I liked it initially, the game gets stuck in a loop as you keep doing the same thing. It misses on the storyline a significant time, and there is no direction.

The gameplay is rather smooth on every hardness level. All you need to learn is to grab long-range weapons, a rocket launcher, and learn how to dodge. Once you find the enemy outpost, locate the nearby outpost which you have already captured. Refill, shoot and kill and repeat. Its best not to try punching anyone or even get close by, else you will keep ending up the game. There are different types of enemies, but a rocket launcher is good enough for all of them. So don’t waste time on anything else. Keep blowing them.

Crackdown 3 Campaign Review

Like I said there is no real step by step storyline. If you don’t want to take down all the outpost, feel free. You can engage with the bosses directly. Just make sure to have an outpost close. That will help you refill.

When it comes to health, if you get smart at hiding, and staying calm for a minute or two, you will regain complete health with shields. So that isn’t much of a problem either.

Agility Flaw

And here comes the best part. The game offers something called Agility Orbs. They help you upgrade your character, i.e., skill progression, and your character is separate from the game core part. So if you play using the same character in different slots, and keep collecting Orbs, your character will be powerful soon. It’s boring though.

My conclusion? If the game had been around $30, I would have recommended it. However, at $60, there is no point in buying this game at all. Neither the story lives up nor the gameplay mechanics because it gets boring at the end.

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