Some more cool new features and tidbits in Windows 8 CP

In our earlier post featuring some cool new features and tidbits in Windows 8 CP we had seen some new features and tidbits in Windows 8 CP and have also talked about how to get started using Windows 8. Now here are some more interesting tidbits!

  • The Windows 8 Consumer Preview will work till 16thJan 2013. Don’t worry about the Expiry date of beta (CP) – the RC will be released before the year-end.
    • If you want to view the expiry date, just right-click on left corner bottom of screen in Desktop/Metro UI, click on Run and enter Winver to get this ‘About Windows’.



  • The Task Manager is much improved in Windows 8 and this new Task Manager (tm.exe) is being appreciated by all for its features. But as of now the old task manager is also present in Windows 8 CP. The old one is taskmgr.exe.
  • The Apps you own can be installed on up to 5 computers.
    • To install the app on other PC, just sign into the PC, Open Store app
    • Go to Settings Charm (Or WinKey+i), Ensure the Microsoft account is same as the one used to purchase the App.
    • Find the App you want to install, open that app to install. This can be done on upto 5 PCs.
  • While installing Windows 8 CP, you must have come across a Preference page for choosing colors for Metro tiles/background. If you haven’t done at that , you can do it now from Desktop > Settings Charm  (Winkey+C)  > More PC settings > Personalize > Start Screen and from there you can choose background color / background


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  • The Mail app in Windows 8 Consumer Preview, downloads  messages from the last 2 weeks. As of now you can’t change this Sync time-frame. So don’t be surprised if you don’t see all of your mails using the mail app, and only last 2 weeks mail Synced.
  • Some users of Windows 8 Consumer Preview are reporting about DVD drive not being recognized. If you are facing this issue, please check this fix –  FIX: DVD Drive not shown in Windows 8 CP
  • Accessing ISO files has now become very easy with Windows 8. With Mount option supported natively in Windows 8, you don’t need the optical drive to burn the ISO. Though this feature available since Developer Preview but still many Windows 8 CP users do not know about this feature. Go here to learn  how to Mount & Unmount ISO file in Windows 8 natively.
  • If you are using Mail preview App connecting to Microsoft Exchange Server, it won’t allow password methods picture password, PIN .
  • The mail preview app at present supports mail services like Hotmail, Gmail or any service that supports Exchange ActiveSync. So at present no support for POP/IMAP in this Beta ver of mail app.
  • When you send a mail using mail Preview app,  “Sent from my Windows 8 PC”  signature gets added by default.

So these are some more interesting tidbits, if you haven’t yet given Windows 8 CP a try, Give it now !! And if you find some interesting things, post it as comments!

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