Cookeyah: A unique voice biometric free password manager for Windows

Now your passwords can be secured and encrypted with your voice with the help of Cookeyah. Cookeyah is a unique voice biometric password manager application that uses three-layered encryption and voice authentication to secure your useful and important passwords. To use this software you need a Google account because the software is completely based on Google Docs and it uses Google Docs account as its server and stores your passwords in it.


When you install this program on your computer, it will prompt you to save your voice in it. And once you’ve successfully ‘deposited’ your voice in the application, the next time onwards, you will be able to unlock the app with your voice only. The voice recognition efficiency of the software is near accurate and it doesn’t recognize any other person’s voice except the one who has stored his/her voice in the application.

After performing some tests with the software I have got very clear results that it can’t be opened or unlocked with any other voices except the stored voice in it.

When you want to login to your Cookeyah profile, the application will ask you to read out a line to it. It will try to match the voice with the one which you saved earlier, andif the voice matches, the application unlocks and if the voice doesn’t match it shows an error message and you need to try again.

You can store unlimited passwords in this password manager software and your passwords would always be secure in Google Docs. While adding new passwords, you need to fill up 5 easy fields which are: Title, Username, Password, Link and Notes. The program has an intuitive and a colorful interface which is very easy and fast to use. The program always stays minimized in the system tray and can be anytime accessed from there.

This one is a unique password manager with some unique voice control features. The software is completely secure and it always stores your passwords in an encrypted form with the help of strong encryption algorithms. This utility is perfect for those who want a little extra security and something different from all those usual free password managers.

Cookeyah is no longer free, according to the comments. maybe you want to have a look at some free password managers.

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