Convert your website into a Windows App easily and quickly

Windows Store is an incredible place. Its popularity is evident from the number of Windows Apps that are available on Windows Store. Developing websites is a common practice. However, the process to convert your website into a Windows Store app offers more advantages and success to the product or service being promoted through the website.

convert website into Windows 8 app

Convert website into Windows App

The Windows Store offers a number of ways to make money with your apps. It basically makes it easy to sell your services and products through the apps all across the globe. For a developer, be it an individual or a company; Windows Store is the best platform to promote the apps and reach millions of people. People use Windows every day to be creative, productive and to entertain themselves. Developers or product/service providers can take advantage of various services Microsoft provides through the Windows Store. Then why not create an app for Windows 8 out of your website and be famous worldwide?

Migration of your website to Windows Store app helps you draw attention to the best features of your website, without disturbing the core functionality of the website. The process to convert a website into Windows app is pretty simple. Developers and designers who are familiar with the web technologies like CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5, can create an app for Windows 8 store.

convert website into Windows 8 app

Before you start to convert a website into Windows app, keep following things in mind:

1)      Focus more on content and not on the UI of the website. There are certain well-established layout patterns for the Windows Store apps; however, try not to focus more on support navigation, utility components like sign-in and search and links to other content like blogs and news. These extra components tend to distract users from the primary function of your website; which may be locating your store or the services you provide.

2)      Follow the silhouette of the Windows Store app and align with the grid. The silhouette of the Windows store is the region of the screen allocated for the content with margins on the left, right, top and bottom. This is basically because the users’ sight is habitual to the Windows Store apps alignment.

3)      Use the direct navigation on the home page. This will reduce the navigation time of the user.

4)      Try and keep the app commands and actions hidden in the app bar. This way, the web page looks clutter-free, and the users can access the app commands and actions whenever they need.

5)      Make the Search contract centralized; because, in fact, this is the reason why the website is converted into a Windows 8 app.

convert website into Windows 8 app

6)      Make use of Share contract so as to reach more users.

7)      Use the typical placement for Settings contracts like About us, Contact Info, Sign-in, etc. Thus, the user doesn’t need to memorize where these functions are placed on your website.

8)      The Windows Store app uses landscape orientation since it is designed for touch screens on PCs, tabs, and notes. The horizontal layout offers more screen space usage that is comfortable for the users.  Hence, use horizontal panning.

These are just a few guidelines regarding creating an app for Windows.

You can download the complete Windows Product Guide and convert a website into Windows app.

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    Even I like Windows 8, and soon there are good updates expected from Microsoft. So you have lot to look forward to.

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