Convert Files with Docx Format into RTF Format Using Docx2RTF

Many online services like Google Docs and allow viewing and editing of Docx formats. What if you still want to edit these Docx documents, but don’t have Microsoft Word installed? Doc2Rtf a portable tool, available as a freeware may help you in such cases.


The program converts Docx format into RTF format which can be read by almost any modern word processing application. When you convert these documents, Docx2Rtf will show you a page by page layout of what was retrieved and let you send it to your printer.

Doc2Rtf allows you to modify, view, print and convert Microsoft Word Docx, SXW/ODT (Open Office),HTML, plain text (*.txt), Portable Document Format (*.pdf),  and Rich text (*.rtf) files along with most common graphic files – including multi-page graphics such as TIFF.

The program does not require installation of Office or OpenOffice in order to work and is sufficient enough to load more Microsoft Works files than Microsoft Word. Docx2Rtf also lets you communicate with other users who insist on sending you files in ODF formats, not seen previously.

Doc2rtf is now available with multi-language interface. Some recent changes include support for underlined and italic text in Office 2007 and OpenOffice files.  One can run Docx2Rtf using command line. There should be a space between the command line switches (-a or -f) and the file or folder you like to convert.

ie: Docx2Rtf -a “C:\My Document to convert\” test.docx


Docx2Rtf -a “C:\My Document to convert\” test.odt

The above command line would cause Docx2Rtf to ‘automatically’ convert the designated file “C:\My Document to convert.docx” to “C:\My Document to convert.rtf”.  If the file you want to be converted has a space in the path, you will be required to enclose the file name in double quotes as indicated above.

You can convert an entire folder of documents at once (-f switch) with the following command:

Docx2Rtf -f “C:\My Folder to convert”

The above command line would convert all DOCx files to rtf in the designated folder. If the folder you want converted has a space in the path, you will be required to enclose the path name in double quotes as indicated above.

If you like to convert other file types to rtf, you will need to add the file extension to the command line this way:

Docx2Rtf -f “C:\My Folder to convert” odt

The above command line would convert all odt files found in the designated folder to rtf format.

If you would like to convert a folder of files to pdf, you will need to add both file extensions to the command line in this manner:

Docx2Rtf -f “C:\My Folder to convert” odt pdf


Docx2Rtf -f “C:\My Folder to convert” docx pdf

Doc2Rtf consumes low resources and requires very little hard drive space. Also, since it acts as an image viewer and editor for multiple document formats; you can associate it with Palm OS database or MS Office and Open them automatically with Docx2Rtf.

Download page:  Docx2RTF.

Docx2Rtf works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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