How to track and conserve 3G and LTE Data Usage on Windows 10

Data is precious to everyone who uses a device to browse the web daily. We know for sure that most people do not have unlimited data plan, so in order to get by, they must watch how they use their data to keep watching cat videos on Facebook. It’s never easy to keep things together, you know, tracking your data usage and everything related. But if you are using a Windows 10 or a Windows 10 Mobile device, it is easy to manage your Data Usage. Let us see how to track & save or conserve 3G and LTE data usage on Windows 10 & Windows 10 Mobile, and save on bandwidth usage & costs.

Conserve 3G & LTE Data Usage on Windows 10

Let is begin with talking about Windows 10 first before the mobile option.

If you’re running on an LTE or 3G network, we recommend turning on Metered Connection. This can be done by launching the Settings app, then going to Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Advanced Options > Set as metered connection. Just toggle the switch it from Off to On position, and you should be good to go.

This post will throw more light on how to set Metered Connection in Windows 10 using Settings or Command Prompt.

Metered connection limits the number of apps that connects to the Internet. This works really well, so expect to save a few MBs throughout the day.

If you’re interested in knowing the amount of data you’re using, track back to the Wi-Fi section in the Settings app and click on “Data usage.” This section should give an overview of the amount of data used in a 30-day period.

Click on Usage details from the Data Usage section. Once everything has done loading, all Internet-related software and apps will be listed and show the amount of data used.

Data Usage on Windows 10

Save 3G & LTE data usage on Windows 10 Mobile Phone

If you are a Windows 10 Mobile user, jump over to the Settings and then choose Network & Wireless > Data usage. Here, users can tell how much data they have used, but it is also possible to set a data limit manually.

This feature allows the user to add the amount of time their data will run for. Users can set how long the network permits the data to run for. It can be either 30-days, One time, and Unlimited. Users can even set the days manually, so if you’re on a 3-day plan, choose 3-days and the amount of data given for those three days.

Some users might be wondering about which apps are using more data. It is possible to figure this out by clicking on “Usage Details” under the Data Usage option. A list of apps will load, and they will have the amount of data used beside them.

There is one other way to conserve data on Windows 10 Mobile. Simply turn off your 3G or LTE feature when not in use. It’s the surest way to preserve, trust us on that.

These Free Bandwidth Monitoring Tools may also interest some of you.

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