Connect Your Windows Phone 7 to Mac with Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac

Good News for all those Windows Phone 7 owners out there who happened to use Mac OSX . With many speculations over past few weeks about WP7 sync coming to Mac over Twitter and blogosphere, we now have the official word from the Microsoft.

Last week Microsoft released a beta of  Windows Phone 7  Connector  for Mac. So now you can Sync your  music files , photos, videos and other media files  and podcasts from your existing iTunes and iPhoto libraries to your  Windows Phone 7.

You can sync music and playlists from your iTunes library with your Windows Phone 7, so you can listen to your favorite music anywhere.

It’s a small program for all your Windows Phone 7 needs on the Mac. The beta supports Mac OSX (10.5 and above versions).

You can checkout the documentation for usage of Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac Here. Download and watch video here.

Download : Windows Phone 7 Connector For Mac  (Beta ).

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