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How to connect Cortana to your Microsoft Health Account

Microsoft remains committed to offering new Microsoft Band experiences to its customers. The wearable, recently, got an update that allows Cortana to connect to Microsoft health account. The connectivity makes it easier for Microsoft Band users to evoke reaction in their friends when sharing best activity summaries on social media. Once connected, Cortana shows your activity progress in Microsoft Band. The ability of Cortana to connect to Microsoft Health Account finds its potent use for those Microsoft Band owners who want Cortana to offer quick insights into their wellness goals.

By connecting Microsoft Health account with Cortana application you can make the digital assistant to view your current statistics. To know, how to connect Cortana to your Microsoft Health Account, read the article.

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Connect Microsoft Health Account to Cortana

If you are located in the US, follow these instructions to connect your Microsoft Health account to Cortana. Assuming, you’re a recognized Microsoft Health user and have never attempted to connect the accounts before, you can open Cortana on your Windows 10 device by clicking on circle icon and scroll down.

Cortana has the property of ‘memory’. As such, it may identify automatically that you are a Microsoft Health user. If it does, you will notice an experience in Cortana that allows you to connect your account.

When seen, click on Connect. If you do not notice the opt-in experience, you can still connect your account by clicking on the Cortana Notebook icon (second icon from top) and selecting Connected Accounts.

Under Connected Accounts, chose the option reading as Microsoft Health from the list.

Click on the Connect button in the Connected Account pane.

Next, sign-in with your Microsoft Health account credentials, and approve the permissions to share your Microsoft Health data with Cortana.

At this stage, you should be signed in successfully.

Microsoft Health will appear as “On” in your Connected Accounts list and the button on the account page will change the display option to “Disconnect”. Your Health and Fitness cards are enabled by default in your Cortana Notebook.

That’s it!