Configure Gmail in Windows Live Mail using POP

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  1. Ravi Gupta

    Why in this day and age would anyone use POP instead of IMAP? As a technology website, I would expect the writer to explain the merits of IMAP over POP, and give a detailed view of how go about configuring it.

  2. Dr Luke

    Good morning Ravi,
    I love the idea of IMAP and configured my email accounts on Windows Live Mail with IMAP a few months ago. Then I found out that IMAP considerably slows down Windows Live Mail on my computer. I have several accounts and it is a pain for me. Oftentimes I have to go on the server to find my mails instead of waiting for Live Mail to finish its work.
    This is why I am coming here now in order to see if I can go back to POP, but IMAP is by default and I cannot find a way to put POP.
    Can somebody help me ? I have Windows Live Mail 2011 and the accounts I wantn to change to POP are Gmail.
    Dr Luke

  3. Kat

    Thank you NithinR! With POP I can control whether or not to leave my messages on the server, which I can not do with IMAP. Gmail does not allow the option for deleted messages to be automatically purged unless you manually do it by going to their site. I check my mail from my Outlook, not my browser. I find it interesting that Gmail fails to address in their intructions on setting up POP that you need to place a check mark in all the boxes for incoming and outgoing for a secure connection. I have been agnoizing over why their instructions didn’t work until I came across your concise instructions. I would just add one more thing, and that is to uncheck the box in the Properties/Advanced tab afterwards on ‘Leave a copy of messages on server’ if you do not want your messages archived. And, for some mysterious reason, the 465 changed back to 25 when I finished. I had to reconfigure it once more. Thanks again!

  4. pabloingles

    I’ve done this but when I sync Windows Live I get Unable to send or receive messages for the Gmail ( account. The connection to the server has failed.

    Server: ‘993’
    Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0E
    Protocol: POP3
    Port: 995
    Secure(SSL): Yes
    Socket Error: 10060

  5. Hem Chand

    these days gmail is not working in windows live mail..

  6. Rahulkumar

    My account is disabled please hepl in to login

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