Configuration Mania Firefox add-on offers advanced tweaks

If you are a Firefox user who always want to customize the default settings and wish to check what other options are available, Configuration Mania add-on may help you. We have earlier, had a look at some of the most useful Firefox about:config tweaks. Today let have a look at Configuration Mania, a Firefox add-on that helps users to add or remove tons of default settings from one place. You will be able to make changes of preset settings or even get more options to run Firefox according to your preference.

Configuration Mania Firefox add-on

Configuration Mania is a very easy to use add-on – yet it offers loads of features. Once you have installed this addon on your Firefox browser,  you can open the Settings panel from respective add-on menu of Firefox.

All the options of Configuration Mania are categorized into different tabs, so that users can check the features category-wise.

1] Browser tab: The very first tab is Browser and it has more than ten sub-categories. This tab mainly contains some general browser settings by which you can control regular features of Firefox. You can do the following things from this particular tab.

Configuration Mania Firefox add-on

Location Bar

  • Select all content when (Single/Double) clicked on any webpage
  • Disable autocomplete when editing a bookmark
  • Set custom auto-complete time interval
  • Domain Guessing: Domain Guessing will help you to find a domain as per your entered keyword in the location bar. If you enable this feature, Firefox will add “www.” and “.com” as a prefix and suffix.

Page Control

  • Disable frames: It works on up to Firefox 31
  • Load frames with responsive layout
  • Allow or block images to load on a particular website/domain
  • Loop GIF image conditionally
  • Activate/deactivate Flash player protected mode
  • Use/skip CSS3 web fonts
  • Enable/disable acceleration for all widgets


  • Set new tab page (default is about:newtab)
  • Enable/disable about:newtab
  • Enable/disable capturing thumbnails for newly visited webpages
  • Close window when closing its last tab
  • Open search result in a new tab when searching from search bar with ENTER key
  • Select new tab from bookmark or browsing history
  • Enable thumbnail preview by keyboard shortcut

Session Store

  • Set custom interval to save a browsing session (default is 15000ms)
  • Load tabs until selected
  • Automatically restore previous session if browser starts after crash
  • Save browsing session when quitting or restarting


  • Enable/disable Windows Media Foundation (Windows 7 or later version)
  • Enable/disable Direct Show(Windows), GStreamer(Linux), Apple MP3(Mac)
  • Enable/disable Media Source Extensions


  • Enable/disable Geolocation, Full screen API, Battery Status API, Messaging API, Vibration API, WebGl(restart required)


  • Enable/disable ALT+Click and ALT+Enter to download links from any webpage
  • Add new document to recent document list
  • Pause and resume downloads when restarting
  • Pause but will not resume when restarting
  • Show/hide download complete alert/notification

User Agent

Although, Firefox helps users to change the user agent, yet Configuration Mani will help you to change it faster.

Browser Cache

  • Enable/disable browser cache
  • Set custom cache memory
  • Conditionally check cache of particular pages
  • Change maximum number of pages stored in cache memory
  • Change cache folder location

2] Security: Just like Browser tab, Security section also contains some sub-categories to manage all options, what it provides. The following is a list of most useful features of Security tab.

Configuration Mania Security Tab

  • Enable/disable Javascript (It may lead bad user experience)
  • Enable warning for running a script for more than predefined time
  • Perform a security check after completing a download
  • Load/don’t load insecure content on encrypted webpage
  • Automatically fill up sign up form
  • Change cookie store time
  • Customized tracking protection
  • Use master password along with few condition

3] UI: If you have any issue with the user interface of Firefox, you can change that from this tab. You can change the mouse interaction with the browser, touch pad interaction, key navigation, change context menu and more others. Some of the other options are as follows:


  • Automatically copy text after selecting
  • Paste text when clicked mouse wheel
  • Change Firefox developer edition theme

4] Add-ons: You can change the number of search result of add-on gallery, check/skip secure updates of add-ons, and always unpack XPI files and more others.

Configuration Mania addon Tab

Not only just these aforementioned features, but Configuration Mania Firefox addon offers many more tweaks. You can download Configuration Mania from the Firefox add-on gallery.

If you like such tools, you might want to have a look at Firefox Panel Tweaks too.

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