Competitive Comparison Charts – Windows Live Mail vs Thunderbird vs Yahoo Zimbra


  1. This Comparison is not correct.

    Thunderbird have a Calendar, RSS Feed Support and a the Conversation Threading is also available…

    Who make this Comparison ?

  2. Ditto Rene.

    My Thunderbird setup incorporates various mail accounts, four different Google calendars, and with a little help from GMail Labs “Advanced IMAP Controls” – I can take it anywhere with me on a USB stick

  3. The Chart was taken from the Windows Live site. Thanks for pointing it out. While RSS Feed and the Conversation Threading is supported by default,I think Thunderbird needs an add-on for Calendar support.
    Windows Live has been informed about the same. Thanks again to our readers. Regular users of Thunderbird and Zimbra can provide more inputs.

  4. The quick search in Thunderbird 3.1.3 is better than others as it gives Timeline search results with filter options for the search.

    And top of all setting up email account is damn easy no need to remember those server settings.

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