Competitive Comparison Chart – Windows Live Messenger vs other Messengers


  1. In fact this is why I prefer Gtalk over any other messenger. When I want to chat I don’t want those emotions i just want to chat. If i have to share something there are other dedicated services that I can use instead of service with half baked features.

  2. @unitechy

    The voice/video call is not half baked feature of WLM.

    Emoticons/personalization might be fluff but contact grouping/favorite contacts are nifty features that organize my IM experience.

    No mobile app from Google for Gtalk? Fring-shring do a bad Gtalk implementation (Status/Availability issues). WLM has native apps for all mobile platforms.

  3. I have it but I don’t use it. It’s required to have MSN Explorer operate and to get new e-mail notifications.

    That’s all the use I get out of it.

  4. at work we are switching from Yahoo Messenger to Office Comunicator. from what i tested until it has a good GUI and the archiving integrates with Outlook.
    but for now i am using Miranda IM to connect to yahoo’s service.

  5. WLM needs you to have a hotmail.. sometimes too much of anything does create a problem.. Gtalk is one thing that lets you do what you should.. chat.. its just the Instant Messenger.

    With almost everyone having a Gmail Id and some for almost 5-6 years now, its something that they would never want to switch to.

    Many of the features may come handy I agree.

  6. @hemal shah
    WLM doesn’t need you to use hotmail, but use a hotmail or WL ID. GTalk also requires Google account. Hardy a difference.

    I wonder any tech enthusiast who doesn’t have either of these. Even if I don’t use WL IM, i’d need WL ID for a zillion Microosft services and lot of their downloads.

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