SkyDrive vs Google Drive vs Dropbox vs Apple iCloud – A Comparision

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  1. Omid

    In DropBox’s public folder, any file has a nice permanent direct links. this feature is unbeatable! I like to embed my files and send direct links to my friends, so easy

  2. Dan

    Seems to me that Sugarsync does practically everything on that chart. No wonder they didn’t list it.

  3. The_Artist_Formly_Known_As_WoW

    Google Drive offers 5gigs off the bat and has a Windows Sync app just like Dropbox.

  4. Thy Damned

    What about the BlackBerry client or Linux client? So far only DropBox seems to have them…

  5. snail

    I’m looking for anything else that has these specific features, because I am running out of room in my Dropbox public folder, and I use it almost exclusively for the two purposes you just mentioned.

  6. snail

    Thank you. I just installed it, and it looks like it will work perfectly. 🙂

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