Compare Microsoft Word Web App vs Google Docs

Microsoft recently launched the its Microsoft Office 365. Accompanying the launch, Microsoft has also put up a demo, where it compares its Word Wep App against Google Docs.

Word Web App vs Google Docs

Microsoft saved the same Word file on Windows Live SkyDrive and Google Apps. You can also open both the documents live, in Word Web app or Google Docs.

People expect existing documents from their desktop to look exactly the same when they share them in the cloud. In this demo, you will see completely different results when viewing the same document using Word Web App and using Google Documents.

To see the differences, simply move your mouse cursor over the circles.

Visit Microsoft to check it out!

You might also want to check out this video comparing Microsoft Office Web Apps and Google Apps.

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  1. Luis Matoso

    No doubt, much, much better in Word Web

  2. TuneUp

    Great blog post! It’s definitely interesting to see what Microsoft’s World Web App can do in comparison to Google Docs which is already so popular and widely used. Do you have any idea when this will actually be available to users?

  3. Tangmeister

    Lol, I know you guys aren’t actually biased, but I feel the temptation to say it:

    Do I smell fanboys?

  4. OblongCircles

    If no collaboration is needed, just save it as an image or PDF and everyone will see it the same, right?
    Did they do the reverse as well? Using an existing Google Doc file and then opening it in MS 365 and/or MS Word to check the integrity.

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