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Advanced CMD Tricks for Windows 10/8/7

If you have been a Windows user for a long time, I am sure you must have used Command Prompt. Even today, the CMD helps in performing many advanced administrative functions, and in troubleshooting Windows related issues. We have earlier, already covered some Basic Command Prompt Tips. Today we will see some a-bit-more-advanced CMD tricks for Windows 10/8/7.

Command Prompt or CMD Tricks

Copying Error Commands to Clipboard Directly

Many times while performing an operation you get an error. So, you might feel the need for copying and pasting the error to the clipboard before reporting it to the concerned authorities via email or chatting. Well, with this trick you can easily store a command output to a clipboard.

To do this, launch Command Prompt and simply add the command | clip at the end of the command. For e.g. Dir /d | clip.

Finding your IP address, DNS Server address, and a lot more

CMD lets you find out your IP address. To do this:

Also, CMD will let you know whether IP Routing, Wins Proxy, and DHCP are enabled or not.

Check if anyone is stealing your Wifi connection

One highlight of the command prompt is that it can even let you know if someone is having an unauthorized access to your Local Area Connection and using it. To check, follow these steps:

Know if someone is hacking your computer/Trace a Hacker

You can even know if someone is hacking your computer.

Copy-Paste in Command Prompt

If you have been looking for a new method to copy-paste rather than the conventional one of using the option from the right-click context menu, try this!

Open the Command Prompt from Any Location

It can be really annoying to execute the cd/chdir command over and over again to get to the right directory you want to work from. With the trick mentioned below, you could open a Command Prompt window from any folder you’re viewing, in Windows. To do this:

Run multiple commands

You can run multiple commands by separating them with &&. This, however, is subjected to one condition!

Show folder structure

Use the following syntax to show the folder tree structure

Tree [drive:][path] [/F] [/A]

Drag and Drop files or folders in CMD window to enter path

To get the full path of the file or folder auto-entered into your command prompt window, simply drag and drop the file or folder into the window. This will not work in an elevated CMD window.

Let us know if you have any other CMD tricks up your sleeve!

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