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Command Line tools and applications available in Windows OS

Here is the list of command line tools and the names of almost all common applications that are used by users in the Windows operating system. You can directly run them right from the start menu search bar or the Run box of your Windows system. They are mainly used to save time and do the job efficiently.

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Command Line Tools & Applications in Windows

Common application name Executable filename / command line
Accessibility Options access.cpl
Accessibility Wizard accwiz.exe
Activate Windows msoobe.exe
Active Connections Utility netstat.exe
Add Hardware Wizard hdwwiz.cpl
Add or Remove Programs appwiz.cpl
Address Book wab.exe
Attrib attrib.exe
Backup ntbackup.exe
Boot Configuration Manager bootcfg.exe
Cabinet (CAB) Maker makecab.exe, diantz.exe
Calculator calc.exe
Character Map charmap.exe
Chkdsk chkdsk.exe
Chkntfs chkntfs.exe
Clipbook Viewer clipbrd.exe
Command Prompt cmd.exe
Component Services dcomcnfg.exe
Computer Management compmgmt.msc
Connection Manager Profile Installer cmstp.exe
Control Panel control.exe
Create Shared Folder shrpubw.exe
Date and Time Properties timedate.cpl
DDE Share ddeshare.exe
Device Manager devmgmt.msc
DirectX Management Tool dxdiag.exe
Disk Cleanup cleanmgr.exe
Disk Defragmenter defrag.exe
DiskPart diskpart.exe
Display Properties desk.cpl
Dr. Watson drwatson.exe, drwtsn32.exe
Driver Verifier Manager verifier.exe
DriverQuery driverquery.exe
Event Viewer eventvwr.exe
FAT to NTFS Conversion Utility convert.exe
Fax Console fxsclnt.exe
Fax Cover Page Editor fxscover.exe
File Compare (comp) comp.exe
File Compare (fc) fc.exe
File Expansion Utility expand.exe
File and Settings Transfer Wizard migwiz.exe
Folder Options control.exe folders
Font Viewer fontview.exe
Fonts Folder control.exe fonts
ForceDOS forcedos.exe

Details about some are available here:

Cipher | ChkDsk | Attrib | CMD | Cleanmgr | Diskpart.

Take a look at this Windows Command Line Tools Reference Guide from Microsoft too.