Comic: How to fix any Windows, Mac, Linux computer easily


  1. 🙂 error in linux! search on internet or ask the users in IRC.
    ! reinstall the Linux
    Oh you separated the home partition while installing good. all the documents revert back on it’s location.

  2. LoL! Use any Live-Linux-DVD mounted on FlashDisk (or USB Stick) and never be a fristrated Winbozz and MacShit user 😉

  3. Mac sounds like McDonalds – beautiful on the outside but it sounds deadly to use 😉
    Winbozz sounds like to fly out the window, but you do not know how to fly :)))
    Android is the Future … Linux Forever!

  4. Linux user here. It actually goes like this:

    1. Look in your distro’s wiki for issue.
    2. Look in Arch Linux wiki for issue (skip if you already use Arch, because that was step 1)
    3. Google issue
    4. Post issue in your distro’s forum asking for help

    In the odd case that you haven’t found your solution by now, give up, because nobody has probably actually had that problem.

    Quietly weep.

  5. The Linux part is wrong in every possible way. Sun Microsytems is Oracle now….how dare you?

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