Comic : Google Chrome OS


  1. I would want things stored locally, at least for now and in India!

    I don’t trust the infrastructure that we have here! Net connection is still erratic despite broadband. Power cuts are common! We survive on laptop batteries and slower-than-snail data cards for mails in case of cuts.

    What’s the point in storing everything away when the road to reach there is full of problems?

  2. The choice is a false one. I’d prefer BOTH. Work locally and sync with the cloud in the background/during idle times when the connection is available. That way when you are not limited by a slow or non-existent connection and yet if our PC dies we can just replace it and resync with the the could and keep going.

  3. @Ashish: I dont agree with you. Powercuts are common? Totally Disagree with you. Unless you live in some village, Where the Powercuts are frequent.

    Agree with you on the broadband infrastructure though. Its not far that these get better. By the time Google Chrome OS is out of Beta, We may have better infrastructure.

    P.S: I doubt if the Beta tag will be removed 😛

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