Code:Backup lets you back up your data locally and to the cloud

Backing up your Windows computer data is extremely important because anything could happen that would result in the user losing important files. We’re certain many folks have experienced an issue where they wished they had backed up their content at least once.

Happily, backing up Windows contents is not as difficult as it used to be in the past. There are several free backup software available right now that have made the job a lot easier than before, and we are going to focus on one of these programs called Code:Backup, today.

Code:Backup back up software for Windows

Code:Backup back up software for Windows

After using Code:Backup for a few days, we’ve taken a liking to this little tool. The first thing that caught our eye was the size of the program. It is just 5MB which is quite small for a backup software. However, one begins to see why after realizing that it doesn’t comes with a ton of features.

Some folks might find this as a turn off, but we say, don’t feel that way. Sometimes, less is best, and it in this case, that is very much the case. Users will come to understand that Code:Backup is all about efficiency rather than bells and whistles because it gets the job done quickly.

First thing is first, we have to say that the user interface is not cluttered with unwanted buttons. It is very clean, which is great, but might intimidate folks who are not used to a software so straightforward with its design. We expect a problem like that to be rectified once folks get down and dirty with the software through multiple uses.

Using Code:Backup

To back up content, just click on “Edit” then “Add Job.” From here, uses should see options to choose the type of files they want to backup and the ability to name and add a description of this new job.

Users can also decide to do a full backup of the computer system along with choosing the destination for saving backed up content. All these are expected features of any software that was designed to help users’ backup their life’s work.

When it comes down to the settings are, users should click “Tools” to gain access. Nothing much is here, just the ability to start Code:Backup when the system starts up and to run it in portable mode.

You can also link Code:Backup to you Media Fire and Dropbox accounts.

Overall, Code:Backup is not a bad program seeing as it is new on the scene. New features are bound to come, but until then, let’s hope the developers keep things simple just the same.

Download Code:Backup from their website.

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  1. Alan Barton

    Tried this but cannot get it to work. Errors with the message Job file cannot be found. Website for this software not brilliant and has no contact details so not sure how they expect to find out any problems with the software

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