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Every Internet user has some key requirements while selecting the right Wi-Fi management software. For example, does it support cross-compatibility? Ideally, it should be compatible with other hardware manufacturers. Second, is it easy to manage and maintain? Here, a cloud-controlled WiFi management software appear more useful than a system that runs on your local server because it helps save costs and features the ability to run 1000s of WiFi zones via single cloud-based software. If you are ready to forego this characteristic, CobraTek Wi-Fi Manager appears as a viable solution.

CobraTek Wi-Fi Manager

CobraTek Wi-Fi Manager

CobraTek Wi-Fi Manager is a free Wi-Fi manager that allows you to discover open networks in proximity, scan for and switch to best available Wi-Fi profiles. The program offers an intuitive UI. It can audit, scan and create ad-hoc WiFi networks and display details including Signal Strength, Connection Type, Mode, Time Counters, Security, in an instant.

Once installed, the software establishes a connection with your wireless adapter and displays a list of all networks access points within its proximity, alongside their signal strength, encryption type, and other details.

For all the networks detected, CobraTek Wifi Manager allows you to scan them for the password using an inbuilt database of over 130,000 commonly used passwords. This, however, should be avoided especially when you are connected to other people’s WiFi networks.

The program comes equipped with a security scan feature that authorizes you to test your access point for password vulnerabilities by scanning it from a built-in database of commonly used passwords. It also includes an option to display your current location on Google Maps and hosted network setup.

An additional benefit the tool offers is that it scans your passwords and tells you if they are very weak. So, it encourages users to set strong passwords for their safety and prevent their Wi-Fi profiles from unwanted intrusions. If necessary, you can also create an ad-hoc WiFi network (AP) for sharing your internet connection with other devices.

You can visit its homepage for more details and the download link.

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