Clover combines the goodness of Windows Explorer and Google Chrome

Want some multi-functionality in your Windows File Explorer? Clover is a free software that binds together Windows Explorer and Google Chrome. The concept behind this software is that is provides Google Chrome’s multi-functionalities to Windows explorer. For example, it installs Google Chrome like tabs in Windows Explorer. Not just tabs, but it also includes a bookmarks option, so that we can easily create bookmarks and access them whenever we want!

Clover for Windows Explorer

Let us take a look at features of Clover software.

Easy access to folders, highly efficient

Clover makes it absolutely convenient to open a new file or folder, saving both time and effort to a great extent. Simply press Ctrl + T to open a new page (or tab), Ctrl + W is for closing the page and to toggle between the pages, use Ctrl + Tab.

Smooth functioning with OS

The app is built and incorporated in such a way that a Chrome user can effortlessly get used to the multi-tab functionality for Windows, without having to adapt to a new file management system.

Super-fast bookmarks bar

Saving a folder in the bookmarks can be done within a flick of a second. You can either press Ctrl + D to save the folder path you are currently using or just drag it toward the bookmarks bar for an instant save. It’s right there whenever you want to access it, there is absolutely no need to search for it all over your computer.

Latest features:

The latest version of Clover comes with a lot of new updates & features, such as reopening of last opened folders, restoring last-opened folders in case Clover crashes and you can also import or export bookmarks. You can even apply themes to Clover by downloading Chrome themes, which will be supported by Clover.

Add tabs to Windows File Explorer


As soon as you install and run Clover, you will find no difference between Clover and your Chrome browser. Clover has the same multi-tab functionality to access your Windows files and folders. One a single Clover Window, you can access multiple folders and you can also add your regular accessed folders as bookmarks.

The features added by Clover to our Windows explorer are just awesome. It makes our task much easier. We can just browse our computer in different tabs and we don’t need to mess up between different open explorer windows. You can also create bookmarks, as you do in Google Chrome. The bookmarks will be displayed in the bookmarks tab and they can be accessed anytime from there. Like Google Chrome, Clover also accepts shortcut keys like Ctrl+T, etc.

Here is the list of all shortcut keys supported by Clover:

  • Ctrl+T: Open a new tab.
  • Ctrl+W: Close current tab.
  • Ctrl+D: Create a new bookmark.
  • Ctrl+Tab: Navigate between different tabs.
  • Ctrl+1, 2, 3: Switch to different tabs in order of the number.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Clover, your Windows explorer will be replaced by Clover. Now each time you open up your Windows Explorer, you will be automatically redirected to Clover. So that you don’t need to learn a new software, Clover is completely designed like Google Chrome and Windows Explorer.

The explorer icon also gets replaced by Clover’s own icon. This might seem a little odd at first, but after some time you’ll get used to it. The best feature of the software is that, it works like a charm on Windows 8. No bugs or issues at all.

Clover for Windows Explorer

I would recommend that you check out this freeware add-on for Windows Explorer. It increases productivity and saves a lot of time and gives you a tabbed feel in Windows Explorer. You can simply imagine the power of Google Chrome and Windows Explorer – and when they come together, you have Clover!

Clover’s website is in Chinese, but you can translate it using Bing Translate. Click here to go to Clover’s download page. You might want to create a system restore point first, before you install any new software.

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