CloudReady Home Edition OS – Transform old PCs to a browsing center

As computer hardware grow old, it becomes difficult to run the latest version of Windows as it does not perform well. While there are a lot of alternatives, Google’s Chrome OS or rather Chromium OS works better on the old hardware. Today we are talking about Neverware CloudReady Home Edition. CloudReady OS is versatile and can be used at home, for education as well as in the enterprise sector.

Neverware CloudReady Home Edition


CloudReady is versatile and can be used at home, for education as well as in the enterprise sector. Its a customized operating system build on Google’s Chromium OS. It’s an open source architecture which can be used by anybody to build a custom OS on the top. The advantage of using CloudReady is that it can be one of the best solution for old hardware. It supports drivers for old hardware delivering speed, simplicity, and security at the same time.

Since its Chrome-based OS, you get access to the awesome  Chrome web browser and Chrome apps experience. It means you can get access to popular services which work on the browser.

Installing Cloud ReadyHome Edition

To try this, you need to install it just like any other operating system. You can download the SETUP file from Neverware website, and then use the USB installer to create a bootable drive. Once installed, you can start using it with your Google account. The installation takes around 2–25 minutes.

Benefits of CloudReady:

  1. Boots up faster and is much stable. You get an excellent experience even on slow hardware.
  2. Easy to setup
  3. Offers Chrome Remote Desktop to connect with Windows PC at work or the one you have at home.
  4. Free for personal use.
  5. Offers updates every 6 to 8 weeks which makes it eligible for Enterprise as well. If you have a Google Domain account, you can use that as well.
  6. Protect data while keeping startup fast via encrypted, individual data stores
  7. Eliminate accidental authorization of unwanted or malicious programs

OS like these makes any computer an excellent machine for regular browsing, and media consumption. If you want your kid to just use it for browsing, and if your neighbor drops by often, you can just ask them to use this instead.

Limitation of CloudReady

That said since it’s not the actual CHROME OS, a lot of things get limited. The list includes installing all the Android Apps, native Flash playing plugins, complete features of Google Service. Lastly, don’t expect a lot of support for it. In case something goes wrong, you can always completely reset just like an Android Phone.

Going Ahead

That said, if you ever wish to use Google Suite and the Google Admin console for your company, you can manage, track, and organize users and devices. You will have full control and visibility you need to manage your fleet. You get a  web-based console, with the same user and device policies, remote wipe and lockdown, instant policy pushes, and automated background updates.

The primary goal of any cloud-based OS is primarily education where you need lightweight with minimum maintenance. CloudReady now expands to Enterprise level as well where it can make a profit to keep going by charging per-device license fees. Learn more and download the free edition here from its homepage.

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