Cloudberry Explorer for Google Storage Review


  1. Google blocks this app from accessing your account unless you change your settings so that, as Google describes it, “your account is no longer protected by modern security standards.”

    It seems like most of the time when I read about software on this site, the writers have very rarely actually explored the software, and instead are just regurgitating the contents of a press release.

    That’s not really writing.

  2. This is the email I received from Google:

    Hi Matt,

    We recently blocked a sign-in attempt to your Google Account [*******].

    Sign in attempt details

    Date & Time: Wednesday, March 25, 7:05 PM EDT

    Location: New York, NY, USA

    If this wasn’t you

    Please review your Account Activity page at
    to see if anything looks suspicious. Whoever tried to sign in to your
    account knows your password; we recommend that you change it right away.

    If this was you

    You can switch to an app made by Google such as Gmail to access your account (recommended) or change your settings at so that your account is no longer protected by modern security standards.

    To learn more, see


    The Google Accounts team

  3. Sounds like Google was confused about location. I receive such notification when I use VPN or proxy and forget to register it with Google.
    Ksenia, any clue why location problems? I did not face any such problem when connecting to Drive.

  4. Hi Matt,

    Are you trying to access you Google Drive storage or Google Cloud Storage?

    Chances you got this message because of specifying your email and password as to connect CloudBerry Explorer to you Google Account. This used to be a part Google Apps Provisioning API, which is going to be discontinued as of April 20, 2015 and removed from CloudBerry products as well.

    We have released CloudBerry Explorer for Google v3.0 where we removed that depreciated authentication method –

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