ClickMonitorDDC lets you easily adjust Monitor brightness and contrast

Do you adjust your monitor’s brightness or contrast often? Using the provided monitor buttons can be tedious as it consumes a lot of time. What if you could have a tool that would easily let you adjust your monitor’s settings without even touching the screen. ClickMonitorDDC is a free brightness control software that sits in your computer’s system tray and lets you quickly change a few crucial settings on your monitor or laptop screen.

Adjust Monitor brightness & contrast with ClickMonitorDDC

Adjust Monitor brightness & contrast with ClickMonitorDDC

This tool is rather a small utility that gets the job done quickly. It sits in the system tray area and comes with a minimal GUI. ClickMonitorDDC works with both external monitors (DDC Protocol) and laptop displays. Also, it supports multiple monitor setup. The tool is compact but full of features which we are going to discuss in this post.

ClickMonitorDDC works by displaying the actual brightness, contrast and volume of your system in the notification area. You can quickly change these settings by either clicking on these values or by using the scroll-wheel on them. Different values are displayed in different colors so that you quickly have an idea about what setting you are currently on.

Clicking on any of these values will open a dialog where you can adjust your monitor’s settings. There is a slider corresponding to brightness, contrast, volume and RGB values of your monitor screen. You can move these sliders to adjust values, or you can use the buttons around the slider.

One more way of adjusting these values will be by using the scroll wheel. Place the pointer on any of these values and use the scroll wheel in either direction to adjust it.

Apart from being a tool for monitors and displays, the program also lets you adjust volume. You can disable the volume slider and system tray icon using the inbuilt settings. ClickMonitorDDC not just let you adjust brightness or contrast, it also lets you carry out some other tasks related to your computer’s display. For starters, you can rotate the display, view the monitor details such as Manufacturer, Model, Resolution, and Connection to the monitor – and you can also Power On/Off or reset a monitor.

The best part about the tool is that it works with laptop screens as well. A few features like contrast or RGB values might be missing if your laptop’s screen does not support them. The program is very descriptive, every settings and feature are well described in tooltips. You would never feel confused while changing any settings or configuration.

ClickMonitorDDC is also very customizable; you can find plenty of options in the settings window. The program supports auto-run command lines. Which means you can execute a set of commands at a pre-defined time every day. This is helpful if you want your monitor to automatically adjust its settings with day and night. Moving on, an upper and a lower limit can also be configured for brightness and contrast for different monitors.

Apart from that, you can adjust a few general settings like the color of icons and different fonts for different monitors. Moving on to the next big feature, and it is the hotkeys. Hotkeys let you execute predefined commands on a combination of keys. The program extensively supports hotkeys, and you can add whatever command line arguments you like to a hotkey.

ClickMonitorDDC is a great tool for users who use a DDC compatible monitor. The tool gives you a lot of options and makes the process of adjusting brightness and other settings on a monitor quite easier. The tool is available in both portable and installer version and is completely free.

Click here to download ClickMonitorDDC.

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