Clear Active Song from Volume Bar and reset Now Playing on Windows Phone

After you finish listening to your songs on your Windows Phone device, you press the stop button in Xbox Music to stop playing the music and you exit the app. You probably noticed after some time that your song you were listening to is stuck in the Volume Bar. This might be irritating to you (as it is to me) and it’s not clear why Microsoft didn’t implement an easy way to clear it, or even better to clear the bar when you stop listening.

Volume Bar and its music

You’ve probably seen this before…

Clear Active Song from Volume Bar

Fortunately, it is easy to reset the volume bar and it will only take a few steps to do so. If you have always wanted to remove the active song from the volume bar after you had listened to the songs, follow this post.

The easy way: Use Stop The Music App

This is probably going to be the most convenient and simple way, so try this first. Download and install Stop the music! from the Windows Phone Store and start it up (the trial is fully functional, don’t worry). Tap the Stop button at the bottom of your screen and it should be gone! If you want, you can also pin the stop function to your Start Screen by tapping on “Pin Stop Tile”. When you tap on that one, it will automatically stop the music and close itself without any hassle.

You can also use the Timer function by tapping on the timer icon at the bottom of your screen. When you tap it, a timer will show and you can choose the duration of time before the app stops your music. This only works if you keep Stop the music! as the application currently showing on your screen. It still can count down the timer when it is in the background, but it can’t do its main function. You can rely on the timer under the lock screen, but you still have to leave it as the active application.

Of course, there are more apps that do the same thing in the Store but Stop the music! is one of the more popular and simple apps that do the job right.

The manual way: Video trick

If apps from the store don’t work for some reason, you can try clearing it manually. You do this by going to the Music hub and playing any video you have on your phone. You can then close the video and check your Volume Bar, it should be gone!

The last resort: Restart your phone

You probably never need to go this far, but if none of those work then you will have to restart your phone. It might be a broken app that makes those methods ‘not possible’.

Remember, if you ever encounter a bug or glitch on Windows Phone and you don’t know why, always try restarting your phone.

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  1. Steven

    Just what I was looking for. I fail to understand how Microsoft could have overlooked fixing such a silly thing. Otherwise, the platform is simply great.

  2. Andrew Kim

    Yeah, the platform is great but there are things like this that Microsoft just didn’t bother to fix straight away.

  3. Dave

    I just downloaded the “Stop + Clear” free app & it also wipes the song off the volume bar. Thanks for the advice- it’s an annoying feature.

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