Cleanfox will clean up your Email Inbox free

How many emails do you get in a day? Are all of them the useful and legitimate ones? No, right? As per the recent studies, a professional usually get around 80-100 emails a day but only 50-55 of them are actually legitimate. We often subscribe to some websites unintentionally and then starts the unending newsletters and promotional offers barraging in our inboxes. Cleanfox is a free web service that will help you delete newsletter, unsubscribe from unwanted email subscriptions & help you clean up your Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc, email accounts.

Overflowed inboxes are heavy on our minds and basically, we need to take a good amount of time from our busy schedule to check all your emails, read the important ones and delete the useless ones. The worst part is that some important emails often get unnoticed because of these useless, promotional and bombarding emails.

Not only does it clog your inbox but also leaves an adverse effect on the environment. Studies suggest that every email adds around 0.14 ounces (4 grams) of CO2 into the environment which means that if you are sending 65 emails a day, you are contributing CO2 equal to that emitted by a regular car drive of 1km. And all this while we were thinking that getting digital saves paper thereby preventing pollution.
Thankfully, we have some third party applications which can help us cleaning our inboxes. Cleanfox is one of such useful applications.

Cleanfox cleans up your Email Inbox

Cleanfox gets an access to your inbox via SSL connection and the developers assure that none of your data passed will remain private and integral. So all your data is protected and you need not worry about your privacy.

Once connected, Cleanfox will get an access to all your contacts, emails, your profile details like your name, gender, display picture, and friends. The program then scans your inbox and other folders and give you the number of emails to clean.


Click on your email address on the top right corner and select ‘Clean up my inbox’. Clean up my inbox’. The program will clean your inbox and display the statistics like the number of emails cleaned, amount of CO2 you saved and more.

Cleanfox also collects your list of the subscriptions and newsletter from your inbox. You can then select to remain subscribed or to unsubscribe. The list also shows emails per sender, email open rate and the amount of CO2 it emits per year. If you want to remain subscribed and don’t want Cleanfox to delete any of your newsletters emails, click on the Cross button on the right.

Cleanfox cleans up your Email Inbox

You can re-scan your PC or can Launch a Super Scan from the top menu ribbon. Super Scan checks your emails deeply and looks for all the newsletter being sent to your for last 10 years.

Overall, Cleanfox is a nice free web service which helps you cleaning your inbox and getting rid of the unwanted subscriptions, newsletters, promotional and spam emails. Every time you run a scan or clean your inbox using Cleanfox, Gabrielle from the company send you a thanks note. So if you wish to do your bit in saving your planet, head over to and clean all your junk emails.

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  1. martinkDisqus

    So that works with subscriptions.
    A while ago I was getting 200 – 300 emails a day and maybe 5 were real and less than 10 are subscriptions like the above. The rest was just more or less infected spam pishing resulting from somebody selling my email address. I understand that Cleanfox will not help in that.

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