Citrio: Fast Web Browser with an intelligent Download Manager


  1. From Softpedia comments: “This comes with a VERY old pepperflash.” and “After a while the torrentdownloader stopped working. The new tab Citrio with a searchbox from ASK can’t be changed. After uninstalling there was still an entry in the autostart section, the citrio updater. On top of that, there were SIX tasks in windows/tasks and System32/Tasks left behind. The offline/standalone installer doesn’t manage to install the whole package, with updates etc etc..AND it fails to uninstall because it also failed to install an uninstaller. The ONLY thing I liked about it was the video downloader, and the torrent downloader while it was still working..But that is not enough reason to install this huge pile of garbage.”

  2. Don’t know about the rest of the stuff Sheet Bice said because the fact it wouldn’t install unless you agreed to the Ask stuff was enough for me to cancel the install and delete it.

  3. This is not what it is promoted to be: it is a lot more as Bice said. It leaves behind nuisance things and you click the ‘DECLINE’ button and you get nothing. I believe there is a small check box inside that giant Ask toolbar thing but it is far overshadowed by the big decline/accept at the bottom. It is not trying to sneak in anything like that but it is only really set up to install with no consideration for the end user’s ultimate computer security or desires with all the tasks and such. It was hard to root out since it left things behind the revo uninstaller or built in windows uninstaller could not even locate to take out. It is based on being kept forever- for that, it is ok, I use chromium in Linux and like it fine, so if you want these few nice features for privacy/anonymity it is a good addition to the field

  4. I Stay with Opera, I left Chrome and Firefox cuz they always crash with Youtube videos.
    That’s why i install Opera 35.0 and i don’t have any prblm till now . . .

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