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Chrome browser shows black boxes on web pages

Google Chrome browser may at random show or display black boxes or glitches on a web page on Windows PC, while browsing the web. The web page contents aren’t displayed correctly on some occasions. Instead, what is visible to them are black boxes or blacked out sections, that keep appearing on every webpage after scrolling. These blackened section – black boxes and glitches in Chrome – seem to be occur randomly. When a user tries to switch back and forth between tabs the boxes disappear momentarily and reappear again on scrolling. The pages at the first sight seem to be loading, but end with a blank page.

Chrome browser shows random black boxes

1] If you are facing this issue, one trick to address this issue, available at the user’s disposal is – Clearing the browser cache.

To clear the Chrome browser cache, click the Chrome menu > Select “Tools” and chose Clear browsing data.

In the dialog that appears, select the “Empty the cache” check box.

Select the amount of data that you want to delete from the “Obliterate the following items from” drop down menu.

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Click the Clear browsing data button to confirm.

2] If the fix ends up showing no results, try the following:

Open your Chrome browser > Go to Settings. Turn on the Hardware Acceleration option in Settings if disabled.

For that, click on Chrome menu, select Settings > Advanced Settings, scroll down under system, and check the box adjacent to ‘Use Hardware Acceleration when available’ option.

Thereafter, find and enable this flag in Chrome: Enable slimming paint phase 2.

If you’ve Hardware Acceleration already enabled, verify if disabling could resolve the issue permanently.

3] Try disabling all extensions in Chrome.

4] Reset Chrome browser and see if it helps.

5] Create a new Chrome Profile and see if it resolves the issue.

6] Sometimes, the problem may be caused due to malware infection, so scan your computer with a good antivirus software.

Let us know if anything helped.