Google makes a smart move; makes Chrome MSI available to Enterprises

Google Chrome has made a smart move!  They have  now started offering the Chrome MSI for direct download. What is an MSI? An MSI is a file extension in the Windows operating system, that allows companies to easily package a piece of software and deploy remotely. 

Having an MSI for Chrome will now make it much easier for large companies to quickly install it to thousands of workstations.

This is a good move by Google as this will help raise its browsers market share; although I am not sure how many companies will come forward and make Google Chrome as default browser.

Currently Google isn’t promoting this edition of the installer for Chrome. But what Google is offering Enterprises, is a choice to switch over to a browser which they claim is the “fastest”.

You can check out Google Chrome Standalone Enterprise MSI package here.

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  1. M_a_d_c_a_t

    I’ve found a guide for deploying the MSI that you may find useful:

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