Check PageRank & Alexa rank of any website with this Firefox add-on

At times, while surfing over the internet, we want to know the Google PageRank or the Alexa rank of a website. If you are a Mozilla Firefox user, then add-on will make you work a lot easier!

This small add-on  allows you to see Google PageRank (PR) and Alexa rank for each website you visit. Its very simple to install. You can see and use everything the toolbar has to offer and will therefore save the time of going to websites and checking these stats.

Simply follow these steps for installing it:

Go to this link. You will see something like this:

Click on ” Add to FireFox” now. This will pop-up.

Click ” Install Now “.

Restart FireFox.

That’s it! Its done !

Now whenever you visit any website and you will be able to see the web statistic !

Place your cursor over the PageRank and Alexa button and you will get the exact details!

This addon also gives you information about the valuation of any website, its backlinks, WhoIs information, etc which may interest a webmaster or a blogger!

If you wish to uninstall this add-on, you can do so via Tools > Add-ons tab.

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The author, Rigved is a student, who likes all kinds of tech news & gadgets, surfing, playing football, listening to music, eating all kinds of foods & watching movies. He enjoys networking on Facebook & Twitter.


  1. Haresh

    Since I wonder if the PageRank displayed via this add-on (or for that matter via any other tool other than provided by Google e.g. Google Toolbar), I prefer using Alexa Sparky. It shows Alexa rank and other Alexa details.

  2. RigvedS@TWC

    Yes, Alexa sparky is also a good add-on.

  3. Its really nice i will surely try this. Thanks

  4. Butik Sepatu Tas

    This what I am looking for.. Thanks for sharing this gud articles.. Keep up the good works..

  5. Abc

    The addon is not displaying PR and (by patching it) it’s not showing correct PR of my solar air heaters site which is

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