CheatBook is a great tool for aiding unskilled PC and console gamers

There’s nothing better than sitting back and playing your favorite video game for a few hours on the weekend. But what happens when you’ve reached a particular level that is difficult to pass? You see, you’re not the best gamer on the planet, a noob warrior as some might say. In this case, you’d probably want to cheat your way out of your problems, and that’s fine. Yes, it shows your immense weakness, but it’s fine; maybe.

OK, so we’ve been searching the web for tools that can aid players in cheating, and we’re not talking about illegal cheats here so don’t bother going any further if that’s what you’re here for. In our bid to locate a quality cheat tool for Windows 10, we came across CheatBook Database.

Bear in mind that this tool targets PC gaming primarily because, at the time of writing, there are over 500 cheats for PC and less than 100 cheats for consoles. As for mobile, there’s none, but who cheats on a mobile game anyway?

CheatBook for Windows 10

CheatBook for Windows 10

After downloading and installing the program, you should then go on ahead and fire it up to get the hang of the entire thing. From our use, it’s simple, though the user interface feels quite ancient in terms of its looks. There is no option to customize the UI.

Let us take a look at the tool.

1] PC Cheats

As stated above, there are over 500 cheats, and while we’re not able to test if they all work, we can say for certain that from the little we’ve tried, you should find some happiness here.

To access the PC Cheats section, just click on the tab of the same name. In fact, this tab is the default, so once the app is up and running, you don’t have to select it. Now, to find your game, if it’s on the list, just look under the heading, PC Cheat Title.

Scroll through until you’ve found your particular video game, then click on it. In the right section, you’ll see the entire guide for that game.

2] Console Cheats

Click on the tab that says Console, then look under Console Title to find your game. If you look closely, you’ll see the name of the console the game is available on.

Similarly, to the PC Cheats section, select the game you want, then read the guide from the right.

3] PC Walkthrough

You only need to click on the PC Walk tab to bring up all the games. Bear in mind that this section is quite small in terms of the titles available. Now, follow the same procedures as above to locate games and to read the guides.

We should point out that when reading the guide from each section, the option is there to Save, Print, and even share with friends. Download CheatBook from the official website for free.

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