Change your Windows 7 Logon Screen the easy way, without resource hacks

Since the release of Windows 7 there have been many hacks\tweaks that have surfaced to customize all aspects of Windows 7 and the one I see popular are hacks\tweaks to customize the Logon Screen.

While a good many users tend to stay logged in or only have 1 account and generally never see the Logon Screen for more than a moment or never, there are a good many users that devote their time to customizing the Logon Screen.

There are a handful of tools that modify the resources for the Logon Screen and while it’s nice to have this option, there is still that chance that you can damage your OS resulting in loss of data (providing you haven’t backed up your system before hand) or spending time trying to fix the corrupted files.

One of the things that Microsoft did with Windows 7 that makes it easier for users to customize the Logon Screen, is give the user an easier ability to change the wallpaper.

Using this option there are a great many wallpapers that you can use that gives the Logon Screen the look of being customized. With a little searching for Windows 7 Logon Screens on the sites such as Deviantart you will be presented with tons of results of wallpapers that have been created to give the look of a customized Logon Screen.

The following are some wallpapers I have found that look pretty good as a Logon Screen background. Note that some are designed for single user accounts, there are still many that can accommodate multiple user accounts:

Logon Screens by:

Logon Screens by:


These are just a couple of the artists that devote their time to creating custom wallpapers to give the Windows 7 Logon Screens that customized look. You can see some more here!

So the next time you decide you want to customize your OS, remember, there may be a safer way!

Try one of these freeware tools to to change the Logon screen in Windows 7!

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